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  1. Wow,-I thought it was just a "me" thing. Thank you guys.
  2. Hmmmmm,--I haven't seen those up close. One pc rods are tough. ???
  3. I just found a dealer with 2 in stock. $24.99 each--NEW.
  4. They were 29.99 at Walmart. Discontinued. Thank you.
  5. Looking for Shakespeare Ugly Stik CA110070, 7' long, 1pc. fishing rods. They have a casting "trigger" below the reel seat. Thanks--Rich.
  6. Cannon Mag 20 Downrigger w/swivel base/triple rod holders For sale is a like new Cannon Magnum 20 downrigger with Positive Ion Control, 24" to 53" adjustable boom, cable terminated, low profile swivel base and rigger mount, Triple rod holders, and boat side electric cord. $450.00 Call Rich at 585-388-1100.
  7. Aaron--Stop over and we will switch you over to Blood Run line. That will put an end to losing fish. Your'e getting fish on---that is a good thing. Xoxo
  8. I don't bark too often on L.O.U. because it may add to animosity. I watched Yankee-Rick fishing next to us with his father when he was just tall enough to see over the side. Bruce and I used to ride in his father's police car when we were 7 years old. Anyone who doubts either of their abilities is a fool. I think I weld REALLY good. I have no desire to be perceived in a -" who's the best fisherman"- way. There have been people in my life that have helped me along the way-( Andy Cheranoble with my patented Curbeez) etc. We believe in helping people. That is why this site was started by Steve and Mark to begin with. It was created to help recreational fisherman. The points that Steve and Mark were trying to make were that we have been catching --way down deep kings. This is a game changer for those deep marks on you screen that everyone has been telling you were INACTIVE fish---sleeping. The next thing is that there were no kings in the Rochester basin. We talked to a guy that went on an evening trip with Bruce -last night and caught Kings in the exact water we posted on. So what IS true---is that the FIRED UP boat doesn't lie---and that there ARE kings in Rochester. If you don't believe us--ask Bruce.
  9. What could be better than a (blind) Spider Monkey in the back of the boat? Add a Sugar Glider!!! I need to weld more aluminum to the tuna tower for these two to climb on. Squirrel/Monkey/Glider on kickstart.
  10. It is older than you were looking for--1989 24' Chaparral,-8' wide,-Mercruiser 350 (not 305),-new cockpit and slant back canvas,-HDX7 chartplotter,-Lowrance fishfinder,- triple fully adjustable rod holders on each side, dog house, nice trailer and more. He lives in Greece Ny. The trailer is worth 3 grand,- Bryce Marine went crazy on the boat--2 winters ago. Let me know if you want to see it. He is a dinosaur--pics ??? Rich. 585-388-1100
  11. A friend of mine just told me --he is selling his fishing boat and trailer. I will find out real details if you are still interested. It has a single 305 Mercruiser i/o --I want to say it is 23 ft. with a doghouse--new canvas, -wide for is't length. I left a message with him to call me back. Rich
  12. You're doing a great job Rick. We remember fishing with your father and his buddy Skamaniac and you were barely able to see over the gunwale. I also welded for you and your dad in the landscape business. I remember doing two double charters (an 8hr and then a 5hr) alone, both saturday and sunday while Bruce fished the Pro-ams. That was his way of vacation (from me also) and I never wanted to cut into that. He spent $2000 that weekend --and I made $2000. I want to have fun now. Maybe we will try another Pro-am or ? --but I would like to have a good time if I spend money--without upsetting Bruce. Tom is good--we were breaking his nuts---keep catching fish----Rich
  13. Thank you Tom. If any customers come to fish Lake Ontario--and DON'T catch fish,-they won't come back. I know that all of the Lake Ontario Charter Captains would do "WHAT EVER IT TAKES" to meet their customers expectations. Yankee Troller just proved that. I will say that we might look at the way Lake Michigan Charter Captains carry themselves. They have smaller Fish--and bigger boats on average. They have conveyed a great fishing experience without egos. Customers don't like narly and nasty in any way. We need to stay professional and provide a quality fishing experience. Also--take a good look at Great Lake Lures. Steve and I would be happy to help Jason-expedite your needs. Thanks to Rick for putting up with us on his post--Captain Rich--Fired Up
  14. TOMMMMMMMMMM---ie,-----Tell Ricky how you found those fish TOMMMMIE !!! FESS UP!!! Nice job Yankee---Great pics--get-em get-em get-em! Rich
  15. I can't say THANK YOU enough to the people and sponsors that have helped Steve and I,-implement the technology that is available. You can walk around Home Depot to get ideas to upgrade your home. Our sponsors have made - FIRED UP a great example of fishing technology. ANYONE can call or message Steve and me to answer or redirect questions that you may have about any of these products and their installations; Raymarine, Great Lakes Lure Co., Nobeltec, Boe Marine, Costa Del Mar, M+M Marine, Scotty, --etc Take a look at something that might work really well on your boat. Thanks again---Captain Rich
  16. The rule of thumb is---If you can't fish naked with your girl--you are too far south!!
  17. Noaa measures waves with a buoy at "0" feet when the lake is completely calm. When the wind blows,-the buoy goes up and down ,- but it only measures the -"up". We see waves with the up and down (trough). The buoy doesn't measure the down,- so we have to add that to their number. A 4 ft buoy wave is seen by us as about 7 feet.
  18. Need some weights--Appreciate a call--Rich 585-388-1100 Thank You.
  19. That day we returned to offshore waypoints in 550ft of water between the Genesee river and Irondiquoit Bay. The winds had less of an effect offshore.
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