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  1. i agree 100% i contacted the guy in my region i would love to see something like dec 25th to jan 25th the 14 days is a tease i probably go 6-8 of the days of the late season and always wish it was longer .....and the last few days of the year seem to always be the best because there is so few open water spots they are all compacted into a few areas...i highly doubt any of our input will matter though
  2. awesome man i bet it was a great time im very jealous
  3. i know going against the grain here but i hunt in orleans and niagara counties.... hunted at least 15 days this year and saw deer every single day out....i would say 15% is public land....the one day we saw 3 deer the worst of the season.usually see at least 10 a day not 10 that are kill shots..numbers have been awesome for me not sure whats its worth to all you guys with bad luck but numbers are great where im at was spotlighting a couple weeks ago counted 155 deer in a 2 mile stretch of corn...had 4 doe tags 2 buck tags....just shot 1 big buck one doe all i need for meat...lots of guy shooting 4+ deer though...numbers couldn't be better for my area
  4. haha this is turning into my favorite post yet
  5. ha that was rich....get over it...people have different views i respect yours although it makes me cringe that my fellow americans actually think socialism is good...not attacking you but to say your going to leave or whatever cause people dont think like u is pretty sad...instead you should just do what i do when some far lefty make a comment i dont agree with i chuckle and shake my head nothing is goign to change how people think....thats why america is so great we are allowed to disagree
  6. http://sports.espn.go.com/outdoors/salt ... id=4975762 EDIT: Topic merged w/duplicate topic
  7. nice blind...looks a lot more comfortable than the metal row boat we use
  8. i wouldn't waste the cash on a guide living in hilton ur in a prime area i do a lot of hunting around that area there are tons of birds to be had send me a pm...got my limit of ducks yesterday with 2 bonus geese
  9. any of you guys launch out of here...if so is the launch nice and how has the fishing been its closer for me than point breeze just never fished it??
  10. how many feet do you guys have between the flasher and fly??
  11. what are you guys doing about the fleas....they were crazy this weekend...i have resorted to using leadcore setups mostly just to keep lines in the water without cleaning fleas every 15 minutes..any input to avoid the fleas would be greatly appreciated you guys using a certain line to avoid them???
  12. big point breeze brown....as mentioned before the amount of fish is crazy caught 2 browns a steelie and a king in an hour and a half
  13. also good news is at least they are stopping all the poaching going on there i guess they pulled over a few guys this weekend and got one with 9 fish over limit and another with 6 fish over limit
  14. slavic indeed....its unreal the things that go on at that place...turns me off even wanting to go anymore and i know a lot of people who feel the same...i was there this weekend and this nice kid in a wheelchair happened to hook into a nice fish well what happened a bunch of the non englsih speaking guys went over and started to crowd him out if you could imagine such a thing
  15. just so you know its a special regulation trib wiht 3 fish over 9 inches as big as you want
  16. just wanted to share about my bad experience yesterday....went to a stocked stream with 2 friends hoping to get some trout for the grill having a cookout tonight....this is a put and take fishery very little if any natural reproduction......so we must have hit it just right we probably caught 30 or 40 trout between us.....we all kept our limit of 3 fish which is the creel on this stream....awesome keepers all big browns we had the fish in a fish basket in the creek..... throughout the day this guy who was casting over our lines and just being totally rude....it was about 830 we went to get the truck with the ice in it to keep fish nice....drove truck over to fish basket i walked down the bank and to my surprise the guy had my basket in his hand and was throwing fish back into the creek.....at that point i was totally enraged freaking out asking him what he was doing.....then the guy said i was illegal fishing he barely spoke any english just kept repeating illegal fishing his wife who was actually on the lookout for us then came over push us grabbed him and they took off...there was clearly 3 guys 3 fish each and this guy saw us catch them all and put them in the basket....i just oculdn't believe the nerve of this guy waiting for us to turn our back for 1 minute...i know its drawn out but i was just in shock of this guys ignorance
  17. thanks man hes gonig on the wall as well....the best part about it was the hours trying to entice him to bite....the fight was awesome 2lb test ultralite and about 10 minutes...was by myself with no net either so it was an adventure getting him on the bank
  18. 4.2lbs and was caught on a very small stream have been after this guy for a couple weeks lost him once on a dry had a few follows and he finally smashed my minnow on friday night
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