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  1. Anyone else ever wonder what year this thread got started or how , what year it got the most hits and views? 


    Wonder no more ! 


    Started in 2014 when in Robs words " My hope for this upcoming season is to post an ongoing hunting report (on this thread) throughout the entire season. Basically a play by play of the my entire seasonal progression and a ride on the emotional roller coaster in the deer woods. My intentions are to fill these pages with instant updates from the woods, game cam pictures, videos, rut reports, and whatever else that i can come up with. Let the season begin!" 


    Since then it kinda became the all members journal and live report that can have you hanging on the edge of your seat when the rut starts. 


    Most replies -  2,800 _ 2016 


    Most views -    255,600 _ 2019


    Most pages -   113 _  2016 





    Thanks Legacy for years of great reports !  best of luck to all ! 

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  2. I'd say if you pull 140s+ then it's worth 140k+   


    I know guys that own and pay taxes on 200ac that have never seen a buck over 140" in 20yrs of hunting due to poor neighborhood management..  a small chunk that holds produces quality mature bucks is priceless if you can provide a solid trail cam and harvest history.



  3. It verys even within every WMA or town or farm for that matter.  Can't complain we all have great opportunity in NY.   It would be impossible for the DEC to micro manage every town.  We have seen a huge swing in my area over the past 20yrs for the better and even then we got 6 tags apiece. 


     IMO hunters manage the deer population and quality not the DEC.  



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  4. 6 tags and 83 days of deer hunting in my area.  With no safety zones anywhere near me. 

    That means if you have 2 sons in your household you have 18 tags to fill not saying it would be easy to do but holy **** certainly not impossible if you're not picky. 


    I'm pretty sure most of they guys on here could fill their tags every year with ease if that was the goal. Luckily most hunters manage deer better than the DEC



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