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  1. I'm in....not sure about catching but tourney is always fun! IF you need any help let me know.
  2. send me details...have to make sure I'm in town at the time of the course....tks.
  3. Had a great time, lightning and all. Nice to put a face to some names. Great job Scott, now that I am officially retired I'll give you a hand next year. BBQ sounds great! Congrats Rusty and crew.....
  4. No better place to breakdown then T-Town....Shoulda fished the Big "S". Then went home. Sorry about the bad luck....Only means you'll do better on the next outing.
  5. I plan to be there.....Don't know who I'll fish with yet.....I'll work on it.
  6. I agree that boaters ought to take a course. I just went through one to see what it was like and even though I've used boats for years I learned a few things. www.Boat-ed.com has a good course you can take for free, study course and test. If you want to pay 15 dollars they will give you a boater's safety card stating that you passed the test. check it out.
  7. At least we don't cheat in fishing,,,,we just tell little lies! Good Luck fishing.
  8. Like nobody else in the league cheated...Like baseball teams never stole signs...I'd rather have a grumpy ill-mannered coach then one that couldn't lead there team anywhere....AHH Yes, and its not even football season. Well, I wish the Giants good luck & Good luck fishing this year.....See us patriot fans have manners.
  9. I have the same problem...When asked what I was using I would tell them dark or light colored.....that XXXXXX them off, but it was true! The other good thing is you might discover a color no one else will ever understand. cups half full today! Good Luck
  10. I thought it looked kinda like a large fly....but what do I know! But cool pictures....gives you a nice view of what's happening down below...
  11. Ace, Thanks for the info on the discharge water issue. I went to the site and sent the letter, hope others will follow suit.
  12. Ahh Yes, My Patriots let me down this year....but we'll be right back at them Giants next year....
  13. Eagle let's Mr Fox go...probably a little hungry but no worse for wear, WHO's KING?
  14. Hmmmm I think i finally figured it out....Hope my fishing doesn't go like this....beer time!
  15. This is killing me, I can't seem to load the other 4 pictures...I'll keep trying.
  16. Let me try one pic at a time....sorry for the miss que.
  17. Hope this doesn't get to large but thought some of you might like the pictures. A hunter took these in montana... :shock: Keep looking, I finally got pictures to go where I wanted them too.
  18. Split did you give me one of these already? If not how about bringing one in for me at work? Thanks.
  19. Ray, keep it up buddy....just joined the site last week and you also crack me up.......spellin and all. I appreciate your info since I'm new to downriggin...good luck fishin.
  20. Thanks BlueEye....still will do a lot of flyfishing but definitely going to break in the new boat fishing for trout, salmon etc. Got to get split to teach me the ropes though.
  21. Nice trophy Split.....WOW my name will look real good on it....new guy wins LOU ALL first time out.....great headline. Oh to be so lucky!
  22. Nice tribute....does bring back memories long forgotten....Thanks.
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