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  1. Did anyone else experience the launch being plowed in during the beginning part of the split? I went to launch the first weekend and all the ramps were plowed in. I don't know for sure who did it but rumor has it it was a certain Union Springs fowler guide which isn't that surprising knowing his history.
  2. If I were you I would point you away from a Chesapeake Bay Retriever unless you have had them before and know how to deal with them. At times they can have a mind of their own which requires a bit more time during training and yes you do need to train them despite what others say. Also, it can be difficult to call them off a bird when they know one is still in the field or a cripple on the water. If you are going to look into this type of dog make sure you seek out a breeder that field trials their dogs so you know they have great hips and eyes and most importantly are hunters. I hope to have a new dog this time next year and it will be a CBR, however I grew up with the breed and understand their nature.
  3. Not sure how old he is but is definitely a great NYS buck
  4. I have done several and have had great results. I generally use a propane heater that you would use as the heat source to deep fry a turkey. What I have found over the years is that for the best results you want to use a slow boil rather than using a high heat to reduce the time. I have a steel building and will put that in the middle of a concrete floor and haven't had any problems. When you take the head off the neck make sure you get above the last vertibrae and like others suggested cut all the excess meat off along with all the hide. I generally cover the pot and surround the head with foil to keep the heat in and reduce evaporation but you will probably need to have additional water on hand. Once the head is complete I will generally use a piece of wire to pull any brains left in the head out through the opening at the base of the skull. While the skull is still hot I pour peroxide over it to make it white. I haven't tried the industrial strength sold in beauty shops but the kind sold in any drug store works well. One last tip. The sooner you get the hide and the meat off the head the better results. I have left bucks to hang for a few days and then cut the head for a european mount and no matter how much peroxide you pour on it it just won't get that white. Best of luck and let us know how you make out.
  5. Nice Shooting. Looks like you are just south of Ellis Point. Always a great area.
  6. Anyone notice that there are hardly any ducks on the lake this year? There seemed to be very few during the fall and there are even less now. I have been hunting the lake for a couple of decades and I have never seen this few ducks during in late season. Anyone been seeing anything or what? Sure there are a ton of canadas and snows but the low numbers of ducks has me thinking that the population is way down. Montezuma is frozen which normally pushes the birds to the lake. What gives?
  7. Let us know how you make out. I will be interested in hearing what exactly was going on. I am just curious as to the brand and type of slugs you shoot as well as the kind of barrel you have on your 870?
  8. Went out last night (Nov 1) and it seems that in my area the rut is progressing with some better bucks at least checking out some doe. They aren't chasing like the small yearlings are but they are getting more and more aggressive to other bucks and went from doe to doe. Saw plenty of movement around so it won't be long now....
  9. Make sure you have the correct ring size for your scope. They make a 30mm and a 1 inch and if you have the wrong size ring it could be causing your scope to move. What caliber are you shooting? It is possible that you damaged the scope. I have had that happen myself while shooting a muzzleloader but it was a Nikon Monarch UCC not a Leupold.
  10. That's correct especially if you follow Charles A. and a few others they all point to go the first couple of weeks in Nov. as you point out.
  11. I have seen a lot of several small buck chasing does but they wanted nothing to do with the bucks and ran off. I am surprised that there is so much rutting activity this early since I thought the rut was supposed to be later this year. I haven't been seeing much in the way of activity until about the last 45 minutes before sun down.
  12. Is the whole lake bad or just the south end? I know last summer I launched out of Frontenac this time of year and had to clean my prop 7 times while heading south and I only went about 3 miles.
  13. Wow nice fish! I grew up on Owasco lake and fished it consistently for over 20 years. During the summer months when I was in middle school and high school my brother and I would troll just about every day using riggers etc. It has been quite a while since I have seen a rainbow that large come out of the lake. From what I had heard there weren't many bows left in the lake due to the water quality. You have proved there are still some great fish in the lake. Congrats on your success!
  14. Fished Cayuga for the first time this year with my fiance. Launched on the north end and was hoping to drift some live bait for browns etc but the wind died down pretty early. To cover more water we trolled a bit in the 16-30 ft range. We picked up 2 lakers the biggest being 23 inches and a bunch of pickerel in the 17 inch range. We ended up losing 4 fish one of which was a brown in the 7lb range. I also caught and released a perch that was 15 inches.
  15. Thanks for the help. Hopefully the weather cooperates in the coming days when I am off from work.
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