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  1. Depth Raider for sale Came on boat when originally bought. Used minimally. Fish ready. Cable and accessories with unit. Make me an offer. Call Brett at 716-818-4876
  2. Just called and purchased my license. Thanks for the guidance. They said it will go out tomorrow! I called on the 800#.
  3. Is there anywhere on the internet where you can purchase Canadian fishing licenses from the USA so you don't have to drive over?
  4. Good to hear you are still alive. We never talk anymore. Mike and I will be up at the show. Look for us. Maybe we can go out for those drinks and wings. P.S. Do you have any free passes?
  5. WOW...the daily walk to the mailbox is finally over. Got my invite! Very classy presentation. Thought it was a wedding invite! Great job Kevin and committee. Will be fun and looking forward to May. Let's hope mother nature cooperates a little better this year.
  6. Just when we were closing in on NASCAR with all our stickers and colorful shirts. Hope they don't follow Pro-Am steps...may be detrimental to their sport.
  7. Will be out of Wilson Friday thru Sunday. Will fish down toward the bar. See you on CH14.
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