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  1. If you have some used Big Jon Otter Boats for sale please contact me via email at [email protected]
  2. STILL FOR SALE!! Clam 5600. Very good condition. No rips or tears. Used very little. Ice Armor exterior. 6’6” of headroom. Can handle up to 3 anglers. Front and back doors. Mesh side vent windows. 4 holes. Folds into its own plastic container for transport and storage. Asking $225. Phone or text 315 447-8943. Canastota, NY
  3. Any interest in selling the otter boats and planer board releases separately? Just checking. Thanks.
  4. Looking for Off Shore Tackle OR3 (white) and OR17 (black) planer board releases. Will take up to 10 of each.
  5. I'd be interested in a couple of the Mag 10's if you still have them. You can text me at 315 447-8943.
  6. Hi. I was checking to see if these items were sold?
  7. Good morning, I was checking to see if this boat is still available or if you have sold it. Thanks for the update.
  8. Scott, You are probably sick of answering questions, but here's one more. I have been following this string and was not sure if the boat is an inboard or I/O? Been holding off looking at it because I wanted a hardtop. Like the above post, it would be great to see some interior views. Thanks for the information.
  9. Thanks Gill-T. That makes sense to me and helps eliminate a lot of water right off the bat.
  10. Thanks for this information source. A couple of other questions. If I understand the temp transacts, they show water temps at various depths which is great. Is the E transect listed a composite all the way across the southern part of the lake? Also, if I'm fishing out of Oswego, am I paying more attention to the C transect? Finally, are you guys identifying the thermocline as the area of the transect where temperature lines are most compressed? Thanks for helping me to understand this data.
  11. Men, I read this section with interest because the temperature information is really important for guys like me who only get out on the lake 2-3 times per month. It saves a lot of time and gas to have an idea of surface and down temperatures before heading out. We fish out of Oswego and Mexico (trailer the boat from home). The fishing reports on this site are good, but it would be awesome to have the temperatures and possibly bait locations. Any idea if that information exists and if it is routinely updated? Thanks for any information or comments.
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