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  1. I once bought a 17ft boat for $4500 and then I sold it for $6000..... call the news!
  2. bait shops around town pay $4.50 a spoon and sell them to you for $8.99 do you cry like a woman then? that diver wire you bought for $40bucks..... they paid $23. 3 bucks a used spoon is a pretty good price if you buy more I'll sell them cheaper.
  3. little known fact, every single piece of gear was bought from somewhere before it ends up here
  4. magda 45 okuma 10ft twerly tip 45lb wire make me an offer I'm in Rochester
  5. take a look and make me an offer... we all know what these cost so I'm looking for about 1/2 of retail for each or make me an offer on the whole lot
  6. 16 ProKing spoons 12 evil eyes 2 made up ones 30 total $75 obo I will ship at your cost
  7. brand new $5 each, Ill make you a deal if you take the whole lot
  8. where are you located, I have some I'll sell for 25 each
  9. launched from the genesee, motored to the irondequoit bay outlet and set up a 5 rod spread, 2.0-2.3 was the speed. Goby Bayrat was the ticket today fished from 8 till 11:30 went 4 for 6. 15fow. water was 35 degrees and gin clear
  10. who has some they want to sell looking for a dozen or more
  11. never mind I have a 115 Etech 2 stroke... totally different beast
  12. I have the 115, if comes up in plane instantly and I get 33 full throttle with a full tank all gear and 2 big guys... the motor is light and gets incredible fuel economy
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