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  1. I'm in Greece, come get it If you want it Free
  2. no power cable no transducer what you see is what you get got it off a boat that was totaled due to falling off stands, was going to use it as a rear graph but figured out it will Interfere with my Humminbird works as it should $450
  3. got a tip to start shallow 70fow nice 17lb king off a meat rig about 50feet down... then the down temp hit 39... motored out to 165 ft found temp 45-50 feet down and went 4-4 in two hours biggest one was just shy of 20, gator spoons
  4. I have some riggers for sale! I'll sell them cheap to ya!!!
  5. both work as they should make me an offer both bases included pick up in Greece will ship if you pay the ride
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