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  1. there are plenty of mornings lake Ontario is flat... I'm not going to win races but 30mph is more than fast enough on the water
  2. Work 100% come with short stop and all the neccessary wires both have ball retrieve leashes burts 4inch swivel riser track bases triple rod holders they came on my boat I got last year 36inch booms and the blue is just masking tape to keep the the extra parts with each rigger $700
  3. Work 100% I'm keeping the snubbers and the dual rod holders, you will get the stock single rod holder $700
  4. 75bucks comes with mount, antenna is free but its definitely seen better days
  5. as a seller "used half a season" and the pictures should have been good enough, and it was cause guy came and took them... he wasn't on his period when It took longer then 5 min to text him back... hes happy with practically brand new reels for over $300 off new price have a wonderful season
  6. well since alot of people seem to struggle with basic math, lemme spell it out for you.... you arnt finding Daiwa STTLW30LCHA for 160... but let's say you do.... 160 + 13 tax equals 173 173x4 equals $692 you would pay $48 dollars more per reel $192 more than I was asking for a set of 4 and as I stated in the ad the apparently no one read "used half of one season" since this season just started any logical person would have seen the condition of the reels and would have put together that they were probably bought last season and put up for the winter but yes, $50bucks off each perfect reel wasn't enough and not emailing you back instantly got your panties in a bunch. have a wonderful season
  7. spoons got for 1-3 dollars used flasher fly and meat rig setups 7-10 used
  8. Go buy them new for $820 after tax, these are sold
  9. he doesn't want them, I sent him his pictures and he didn't respond. They are yours if you want them
  10. yes got them last year, used them for brown trout until the salmon started showing up and then they got put away and they have been in storage ever since
  11. I was at a funeral for a charter captain on the water and then I blew a trailer bearing on on my trailer on the way back.....my bad for not sending you pictures as soon as you sent an email.... and you said your self you didn't want to come till Tuesday.... so what did it matter as long as you got pictures before you came all the way to Greece where you said you worked anyway. what the hell is going on with this post
  12. you know... you are right, let me spend my money on high quality gear an give it away on the internet for free!!!! everyone but this guy.... are you for real dude?
  13. $150 each or all 4 for $500 work 100% will ship of you pay the ride used half of one season
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