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  1. Sqqy- when was the last time you were in there looking? I was looking to stock up on toothy critter lures over the winter (closest thing to fishing I can do at that time of year!) and saw almost NOTHING at either Dicks or Gander. I was just in both stores in Henrietta and both had some semblance of a selection (but still not great). Keep in mind that this is not muskie country like WI is. case in point: there are Muskies Inc chapters in just about every town up there. theres not a single chapter in NYS . the big boxes cater to the masses, not the 1-offs like us, so trout/bass lures keep their lights on around these parts. I cant fault them, they're in it to make $$ and we're not their prime prospect. At least we have the internet to order from now. So the big boxes need not get any of our $$ if we so choose.
  2. that was probably around the same time then: weather out of the south will do that. it was choppy all day, but that storm came up fast and furious and created some real mean swells. couple other guys couldn't even make it from the state park at the north end over to the city launch a short ways away!
  3. I feel for you. had a real close call out there on Seneca a couple months ago and yesterday got blasted on Chautauqua by the nasty thing that made its way through W/CNY. Fortunately the wind wasn't kicking as hard as you had. But we had to make the 6 miles back navigating purely via GPS becuase we couldn't see more than 20 feet (first outing with it- what a lifesaver!). Sucks having to slow down when all you want to do it throttle up and get off the water before the lightning makes its once-in-a-lifetime presence felt.
  4. I'm not sure of the exact markings you're talking about, but I do know that a lot of the muskies that were caught last weekend for the opener had pretty fresh 'battle wounds' on them too. turns out these are from the mating ritual. I imagine the same would hold true for pike too, the only difference is that the pike would have spawned earlier so I wouldn't think they would be too fresh now.
  5. Oye :roll:. thanks for the heads up. I'll have to check pretty quick on availability and make some decisions. We were actually going to hit Waneta Saturday and head to Chaut' that night to be ready for the AM. maybe we'll have to make it a 2 day'er on Waneta or stay somewhere along the way. How big a group is that anyway? We'll be doing some trolling, but sounds like the good shallower waters could be pretty congested for casting.
  6. If its just flat or slightly curved, I imagine you could get a local custom machine shop to CNC one based on scanning in the one you have and pounding it on curved surface, unless you've got crazy dimples on such on it that would be hard to reproduce without a mold or die/stamp. you'd probably also then have to get it plated silver/gold or whatever color. Just try calling around. That said, I'm sure it would end up being your most expensive lure (maybe $50? the labor is the killer); unless you have friends in the biz that could do it as a favor, then it probably would just cost you a couple of sasparillas later that evening.
  7. Hi All- Cant make it out for the opener this weekend, but going to head down to Chautauqua the follwing weekend to see about baggin the first 'ski. anyone have any reccommendations on places to stay for a night that are fisherman friendly? Somewhere relatively inexpensive (wont be there much, other than a few hours shut eye ) near the Long Point State Launch with access to an outlet to recharge the boat would be a big plus.
  8. Thats great info everyone. I really appreciate all the details. that really clarifies things.
  9. Hey Hungry- curious how far back off the dipsy you or other folks are running the lure there, given the clarity (or if the clarity even makes a bit of difference). I've been doing around 8 ft with little success. based on the clarity comment and the one on needing to be way back of the ball, I guess that might or might not be the reason but at least I don't feel left out!
  10. Sodus update did go out there on Saturday. no takers on the pike around the islands, but we ended up trolling too slow because the motor was giving me fits, so TM only. did pick up one smallie that way though. got caught in the storm and rough waves, and even casting didn't produce off of the usual points. not quite sure where they were...not there or not biting.
  11. I was on Cross for the pike opener. While I cant say it was great-very windy, I can say that I managed a 30''+ pike - but it was my only one . also had about 6 LM bass in 2 hours time at the very south end (I had to take a break from the slow pike action) and one random catfish in the river. I've heard the same thing about the numbers in Sodus and other places as well going down. I can't remember exactly what I heard that was causing it. was either that spawning habitat was being compromised or gobies or water clarity changes affecting their foodsource. I also heard that in this particular situation that many are in the river, or at least the tigers head there after release. the fish certainly have more options than they do on say conesus. sorry I cant be more definitive...
  12. I was wondering the same about the pike on sodus of late. Anyone with a report they can offer? Planning to head out there tomorrow afternoon/evening and not sure where to start - deep or shallow. Since this will be my first time on the bay, any tips/techniques (trolling vs casting, FOW, hot spots etc) would be mucho appreciated PM me if you don't want to give it up to all sounds like from some of the other threads that I-bay is heating up. I live a mile from there but always heard sodus is the key pike water so I'm going to give it a go :mrgreen: .
  13. should have added we were in about 6 feet of water on the side the shore the wind was blowing the lake into (cant recall the term for that offhand)
  14. I'm from Roch too and have been wondering the same. I made my way over the Cross Lake/Seneca River for the opener. Its a hike but had heard good things around the south end of the lake and into the river. Managed only one 30 inch pike casting a Jointed Rap, (in addition to the 4 LM Bass and a catfish) but the day was a tie: 1 for me, 1 for the lake as I snagged (and snapped) my new rod . Learned my lesson about pulling in-line with the rod though...damn that superline really IS strong!! just glad I had a spare with me. Going to try Otisco next- stocking tigers there for years and heard Sodus is good, but anecdotally pike numbers have been down recently, from what I heard from the guy at the tackle shop.
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