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  1. Thanks Todd.Going to order some myself.I can always use a good reminder myself...specially for situations I dont come up against too often
  2. WAHOOOOO!!! Nothing like a fresh caught wahoo straight off the grill.I am jealous to say the least.Nice going and steaks away!
  3. WAHOOOOO!!! Nothing like a fresh caught wahoo straight off the grill.I am jealous to say the least.Nice going and steaks away!
  4. Saw fantasy football and thought this would be about brown trout. 😃😃😃
  5. Everything I've heard is plenty of in-active fish in 120-200 fow.Active fish are out deeper(250-400fow) and a little more scattered.Scattered but hungry.Should be good soon,once the shallower fish turn on.
  6. In close to shore,near tribs,colored water.Should be in shallow.Run stick baits of boards.
  7. Dude.That is awesome. We really are some lucky fisherman having this type of fishery around
  8. Had that performed on me at the docks in Oswego a couple years ago. Hook from a Howie Fly was VERY deep in my hand after I slipped on some lamprey slime and grabbed onto the hook on my way down. Worked like a charm and saved me time and money not having to go the ER Also got us right back on the water for a pretty good limit.
  9. I haven't gotten a line wet since I drilled a hole thru the ice. Trying to figure out what to do this weekend. Small boat on Oneida or big boat out of Oswego. Hard not to get out the big boat when I see pics of the big fish being pulled out this season. I know it has slowed.But how is the action overall?Still decent or a struggle?
  10. Lots of of them in oneida.good fighters and believe it or not.good eating.ive kept the last few Ive caught after someone at work gave me some to eat.
  11. i guess its just fun..... internet rhetoric snakeheads are way cooler than bowfin and would beat the bowfin up in a fight... LOL Snakeheads.from what I've heard,are really disruptive to a fishery. Funny comment though
  12. We fished out of the little salmon on Tuesday. Went 11 for 12. 6 coho.4 kings and a BROWN trout. Marked all kinds of fish once we hit about 35 fow. Looked like plenty of coho judging by the size of the marks. Fished between 50 - 60 fow. Down 45-55 feet
  13. We fished north end yesterday.Didn't get out until about 10am.Had the cold water hose shooting out water under the bathroom sink . Set up in about 60' of water at the north end ledge.Fished down to deans cove and back again.Never moved a rod.Tried 60' out to around 200 fow. So some marks but couldn't get a bite. Weird,10 years ago we started trolling Cayuga and did well until we started fishing Ontario instead.Now we have moved back to fishing Cayuga for the last 2 years and I am having no luck at all.Have only been out 3 times this year but have had only 1 hit.I was having a problem with speed. Yesterday I ran 2 drift socks so I know my speed should have been good(we were between 2.0 and 1.4).Still a big goose egg.
  14. Nice report.We had the opposite outcome.Wife and I left Hibiscus Marina around 8am. Set up on the north end ledge.Trolled down toward long point and then back up.Didn't move a rod. Marked a few here and there but not much and nothing schooled other than a few bait pods between 40 and 90 feet.Was our shakedown cruise with our "new to us" boat.First twin screw boat and at 27' the longest we've had.Was just nice to be out on the water.Beautiful day to boot.
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