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  1. Here's a nice rainbow that apparently I saved by catching it. It had a nasty passenger attached, that decided to let go when it realized it wasn't in the water any longer. I wasn't aware I was supposed to destroy it, so, it was released the same time the rainbow was! :-)
  2. Absolutely correct! They have been working the west side of the channel for the last few days, getting rid of the trouble spots (probably pieces of the old trolley that used to run across the bay). But, don't forget the water is also dropping in the bay, so, remain alert even in the channel. Water temperature has cooled considerably. Lake surface temperature has dropped to 49-52 degrees. The trout are around, marked a lot of them at about 14 ft and deeper near bay mouth. Saw a boat doing pretty well out there trolling through the area. If the water stays cool they should be even shallower soon (10ft and less). Bay has cooled down as well....warming as you venture up the creeks. Cooper's has produced good bass, and was a pleasant 70 degree surface temperature today. Also loaded with shad! If you time the fronts correctly, been several as of late, you'll do well in all areas! Good luck y'all :-)
  3. Am I not supposed 2 be using this for fishing reports or Braddock info ..please let me know I'll delete it all..and of course my apologies if this the case?
  4. Ok...dredge is making good headway. They have marked where the big boulders are on the west side of channel. I am fortunate in that I keep my boat up Buttonwood Creek...so channel isn't that much of a concern. But...here's a current fishing report...bass and pike fishing continues to be good up at the creek mouths and bridges...spinner baits and crank baits have shown good results..bass up to 4lbs+..pike up to 10lbs+ Bay also producing well on days the lake winds allow it Water temps are what I would consider cool for this time of year both in lake..bay..and creeks. Sheephead have moved in pretty good in bay...up to 10lbs...if you start getting good solid pops and nothing to show for it..it's them ;-)...when a big one pops it the fun will begin. Coopers still gets a lot of pressure so you have to get lucky with timing. As with Braddock area in general Coopers is just starting to moss up. Water continues to be up at a good pool, so there are many spots still very fishable Good luck ya'all. BTW...shout out to Lucky 13 very informative website Ty
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