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  1. no offense to anybodys work but i highly recommend not getting a skin mount, for many reasons, go replica you will thank yourself for it later on! trust me been there done that with several very reputable taxidermists, in the end the replica always looks better and lasts longer. I would recommend a guy named raymond grandner, he started his business because he was dissatisfied with the work of taxidermists and their lack of "perfect detail" and he is truel what i would consider a TRUE artist, i have no affiliation with him but have seen his work at shows, lodges etc.... you can check it out at catchandreleasefishreproductions.com seriously go with this guy, everytime you look at you'll be glad you did
  2. the glue is what is helping you with that knot but without it i would not tie that one, learn the albright like the other guys said, or to even improve the strength tie a bimini twist then tie the albright to your double line and butt them together, eliminating any of the double line, its what we use for bluefin tuna when they get finicky and i've never seen it fail!
  3. real fishermen dont get seasick especially not in a lake
  4. paul i dont see any blades on there that i cant get elsewhere, which ones are exclusive?
  5. oh geez i totally forgot about this thread, i sincerely apologize if i offended anyone, i actually posted this originally to give a couple of buddies a bit of grief, but i see it's picking up steam again, I honestly have no ill will against centerpinners, it's an extremely effective way of putting fish in the net, sarcasm and jokes dont come through very well on a keyboard, so all my deepest apologies if anyone took this the wrong way, even though i am a fly fisherman to the end i will never seriously argue the advantages that pinning offers, like i said to each his own, but i will continue to dish out grief to my pinning friends, just not on a website anymore, lol!
  6. yeah, the trash is a problem, i travel pretty far to fish the lake and its tribs, the lack of respect for nature is pretty disgusting! I grab everything i see through my excursions and sometimes by the end of the day my vest is filled to the brim, hope others do the same, I will definitely be looking into this, thanks for the info fish or swim!
  7. man what a generous guy, sounds like a great deal, does this include pay? how much does one make an hour fighting fish? sounds like the best job offer in the world!!! lol
  8. hey guys, i'm lookin to pick up a few more of these, don't know the exact color names but one looks like a kervorkian, and the other is a little lighter purple w/ blue back and black spots down the side, maybe kervorkian circus freak? any way would be willing to trade or pay for some more, or if anyone has any info on where i can still pick these up, i appreciate any help anyone can give me! - lennybones
  9. i recomend takin a drive, albeit for u maybe a long one to cabelas in hamburg pa, there they have the bargain cave with all kinds of units with nothing wrong with them for a large discount and for no reason except they were opened or returned, i picked up my raymarine there which at the time was an 1800.00 dollar unit for 800.00 and am very pleased with it, they have a good selection from top of the line to bottom and if nothing else its an awesome place to spend a day, the discount is worth the drive, you will however want to spend your lifes savings while your there, i dont know but you may have one that is closer to where u live?
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WPiRGlP4O4
  11. well i didnt figure on them not working alltogether but i'm sure that most of the time spoons are the better option, but i like the fact that stickbaits have rattles for the deeper presentation. do you guys recommend any certain brand or pattern for the deeper presentation?
  12. i was wondering if anybody runs stickbaits off the riggers deep in the summer, i never hear anything about it, and was wondering if its a successfully used method ever as opposed to spoons? i'm sure some people run them when fish are up higher in the spring and fall but i've been tempted to send one down deep every now and then but never get around to it, any thoughts guys? brands? color? methods? i dont see why a big brown would eat one up top and refuse one 70ft down a month later?
  13. hey ray very nice pics man, what kind of camera im in the market?
  14. my buddy and i have switched to the power pro, and although i have not been out with it yet, he loves the fact that theres no hum, as well as we are on a small boat with smaller riggers so we only use 12 lb sharks, the only two times he was out only caught one or two fish off the riggers but that was because the dipsey bite was hot! if i was running 20lb balls i prob would not go with it.
  15. these are the two that i can get, one on top only in the 4and a half inch, and one on bottom only comes in a 5and a half inch, they were both my favorite to mimic herring, I looked on lurenet.com and you will not find these, discontinued a ways back, but will always remain as one of my favorite patterns for spring browns and steelhead, it's a must have for me for sure.
  16. yeah thanks i just found someone i can get them from by the hundreds, in the mackerel looking color, which is exactly what i wanted, killer color let me know if anyone wants some, took me a few days to trac some down and i finally found some half way around the world
  17. anyone ever caught the rare lake o tigershark
  18. if anyone ever does catch something on the obama spoon i heard the feeling starts with a very brief feeling of elation, followed by a very long slow come down!!
  19. does anyone know where i can get any of the discontinued fastrac models in the 5 and a quarter inch sizes, or does anyone wish to part with some for a fair price of course?
  20. the credit for the catch always goes to the captain, everyone else is just a hand on a reel, dont hesitate for one second to put a repro on your wall, you deserve it
  21. i posted a couple of these photos earlier but i did some tinkering and this is what came out original original
  22. play penn that is one really gorgeous brown nice job, you release it i hope? wqould hate for somethin that pretty to die by the hands of man. sorry if thats harsh but its the way i feel
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