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  1. We had a great weekend in Fair Haven. We had the oportunity to fish with some of our soldiers from Fort Drum that are back to recooperate and recieve care for their injuries. The town recieved them with open arms. They arrived at Anchor Resort on Friday and got to do some bay fishing before diner. The fire department provided them with an escort thru town. To everyones surprise the streets were lines with folks to greet them into town and every emergency vehicle was there to light the place up. The American Legion provided them with a diner and desert that would have been enough to feed most of their base. On Saturday morning we all decended on Anchor Resort for breakfast before heading onto the lake. Shade Tree, Trophy Nuts, and Popeye hosted these guys on the water. After a few hours of fishing we proceeded back to Anchor Resort where the weekend residents lead by Dana and Bob Bernetski (Hot Tub) provided them with a lunch fit for kings. The Chamber and its members helped with deserts and gift bags for the guys. The one heart wrenching moment for me was during a conversation with some of these great men. They expressed that they never recieved a open welcome like this, not even in their own home towns. Actually the opposite occured where they were not made to feel welcome in some places. Let's remember what these guys and gals are giving up for us. The men we met nearly lost their lives to help protect the values that we believe in and a way of life that we take for granted. Next time you see a soldier on the street or in an airport take a second to shake their hand and thank them. I have a new found appreciation for what it means to them. http://i67.photobucket.com/albums/h320/ ... rriers.jpg http://i67.photobucket.com/albums/h320/ ... ercrew.jpg
  2. Out of Fair Haven east or west both have their days. To the east about a hundred yards from the chute is where Sterling creek dumps out. Continue to the second bluff and they will hold there quite often. To thw west the area in front of blind Sodus (about 500 yards from chute) is a good spot to check. then again two bluffs down. 7-15" of water was best over the weekend and spoons out produced the stickbaits for us.
  3. Now for the details. Spoons were hot , sticks were not. Only 1 fish on a silver black rogue. Savant Jakes took most of the fish in purple/chartruse killer, frog, gobie (no duh look what hey were eating), Oswego green dalmation, and munkeypuke. Watermelon and blue dolphin stingers were also responsible for a few. Most all action was between 7 and 15' of water. If you could find a small stained water pod it held fish. Jims salmon came in 15 feet of water. Your looking too far they are just outside the browns.
  4. We got into Fair Haven too late too fish on Saturday. The reports I heard were nothing short of phenominal. Several boat reported having over 50 fish on. Sundays weater was georgeous and the water cleared up. Everything that can ruin a brown trout trip. Despite of that, the DaSilva family had a great day boating 14 out of 17 bites. Their limit boxed by 11:30. Most all fish were between 3-5 lbs with one around 7. All but two had their stomacks packed with gobys. Those other two had large fresh mature alwives in their stomacks. The bait is starting to show up! We all know what that means. GET THE SALMON TACKLE READY!!!! Captain Jerod reportd a mixed bag including a king and two cohos. Hope to see you out there
  5. There has been a good amout of rain this past week so even if the stained water gets pushed out by the south winds, target the run off from the creeks. They will hold fish.
  6. I have not gotten out myself yet. But all reports are good. Every one that I ahve spoken to were having double digit days on Thursday and friday. I was not taking long to get those number either. I'm hoping to be out there myself this coming weekend.
  7. March 28th there will be a work day at 10:00am to string the nets on the pen frames. We will be at Anchor Resort on West Bay rd. in Fair Haven. The Fair Haven Fishing Association will provide refreshments. Hope to see you there.
  8. The new date for the Fair Haven Challenge is August 15th. We have changed it this year to avoid any conflicts with the Scotty. Hope you can all make it there.
  9. Glad to hear they are working for you. Great product.
  10. We started strong with 2 for 3 by 6:30am on Saturday but as soon as the sun came up and the traffic arrived the fish all but disapeared and the rest clamped their mouths shut. Sunday was a little rough at first but we got out before light anyway. Nothing by 7:15 AM and we decided to troll in and go for breakfast when a dipsey fired. It was Admirals day aboard the Popeye and Toni took the first, a nice mid 20's king. We turned around and a rigger fired with a steelhead for Admiral Ellen (Trophynuts). Well the breakfast idea went out the window as we doubled up on a Coho and another steelie after that. Had another steelie on a spoon after that which spit the hook 20' behind the boat. 4 for 5 in 40 minutes. We worked the area some more and were 5 for 7 by 9:30am. The bite died after that so back to the breakfast plan. 1 king, 2 coho, 2 steelies. dropped a king and a steelie. Bites were 65-80 down on riggers and 230 2.5 setting on the dipsey. White E-chip w/ A-Tom-mik blue hammer, Mtn. Dew chip w/ A-Tom-Mik TG, Blue bubble SD w/ A-Tom-Mik Powder Blue. Savant Green Alwife, and a purple frog did the damage. 80-100 feet of water worked for us. The kings we are getting are still silver and with the cohos just showing up, I'd say we have another month to go.
  11. More cold than hot unfortunately. The weather did give us the windows we needed to get our three trips in this weekend. Saturday morning was lumpy so we were going out slow enough to watch the screen the whole way. Things looked great with fish and bait on the screen from 120-180 and again from 200 out to 450. We set up and it was 9:00 before the first dipsey fired. In the next hour we went 2 for 3 with 2 low teen kings and a steelie that came unbuttoned. I though it was going to be a great day then the switch got turned off. We had 1 more come unbuttoned before the end of the trip. We headed back out for the evening and by 6:00 we had gotten out to 450' when the bite started. 3 for 8 in a little over an hours time. 3 majors breaking or dropping off. Sunday we went back to the same way points. Fish and bait were there but we just could not get them to go. One release all morning with nobody home. Most bites this weekend on flies with some on spoons. A-Tom-Mik Crazy B!tch, and Glow Frog being the best flies. Savant Frog and Raider Glow Pink Alwife doing the best for us on spoons.
  12. Tim, My first custmers are staying at Anchor and I should be hitting Chris's dock around 2:30 before I head out on the second one. May be I'll see you there. Werner
  13. It was some tough fishing out of Fair Haven this weekend. The big numbers of fish still have not shown up. To complicate that more the low pressure systems gave the ones that were there lock jaw. On Sturady over 300-350' of water the only thing we could get firing was the dipseys with a trashcan/green Opti dodger and an A-Tom-Mik green crinkle fly. Sunday was a bumpy ride but we found a couple of small fish in 120-140' of water. Once again the fly was the only bites. Even a small brown fell victim to an A-Tom-Mik Crazy B!tch fly on a Pro-Troll mtn dew attractor down 115'. The thumper did manage to snag a gobi. The fish we did catch had bellies full of 4-5" alwives. Not the monster 7" Alwifes we found in them last week. Side note; the b!tch fly is definitely proven it's worth this season.
  14. Details available here. http://www.fairhavenny.com/ Tickets are available at Screwy Louie's.
  15. We have a metal fabricator amongst our crew. Bob abd Dana "Hot Tub" have donated most of the materials and all their time. Thanks for the offer.
  16. Things are still tough. There are bait and fish out there but they seen to have a case of lockjaw. 275' of water was the best for us. We boated 2 kings, a coho, an Atlanic (released to fight another day), and missed or dropped 4 other bites. All fish came off A-Tom-Mik flies this weekend with one of the ones we dropped coming on a Savant Jake Bleeding Frog. Hot flies were white holo, TG, and the hammer. All action taking place between 60 and 120' down. Our 3 weighed fish put us just out of the money with a 17th place finish at the Little Salmon River Challenge. Great turn out this year with 104 boat showing! West winds this week should help the fishing.
  17. The Fair Haven Net Pen Project was the big winner at the LSRC. Our Neighbors in Mexico and all that participated Raised over $1200.00 which they donated to the Fair Haven Net Project. Brad (Nemesis) donated back most of the 50/50 winnings on Friday Night. Big Weenie (Ms. Weenie was there with Jon (Jon's Sport Shop) and held a raffle for a prize package that raised another $545.00 that was also donated to the pen project. Jon also teamed up with Protroll in yet another fund raising effort. Thank you to all that participated we only hope we can return the favor some day. The raffle for a copper combo was drawn on Sunday at Screwy Louie's and the winner of that was Chris Drogi of Anchor Resort. Thru these efforts and collections that are on going in Fair Haven we will be fully funded by the end of August. The pens are currently under construction and will be in Fair Haven awaiting the arrival of the little kings this spring.
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