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  1. $50 entry fee. tickets available at Screwy Louies. Lines in the water at 6 am.
  2. The event will be August 24th. I'll have tickets at the LSRC this weekend. After that tickets will only be available at Screwy Louie's. Here's the rules; Rules and Regulations 1. This derby shall commence on August 24, 2013 at 6:00 a.m. and conclude on August 24, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. 2. The eligible fish species are Chinook Salmon, Coho Salmon, Brown Trout, Steelhead, Lake Trout, and Atlantic Salmon. Only 6 fish may be entered, any fish may be released immediately when caught but MAY NOT BE RELEASED once the fish has been added to the “coolerâ€. A maximum of 3 Lake Trout may be entered. 3. All winners must be present to receive prizes. 4. Participants must be officially registered by August 23, 2013. 5. Teams may enter and exit from any port in Cayuga, Oswego, or Wayne County on Lake Ontario. Participants shall abide by the fishing regulations of the Department of Transport Small Boat Safety Regulations, and all Municipal by-laws, and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. 6. Any participant not abiding by these rules shall be punished by automatic forfeiture of the Tournament. 7. Only your 6 largest fish are to be weighed in at Village Pavilion, Cayuga St., Fair Haven NY. No additional fish, ice or water shall be in the cooler or the team will be disqualified. 8. All fish entered must be legally hooked on legal angling tackle 9. All participants shall present their Tournament tickets when weighing in their fish. NO EXCEPTIONS. All entries must be at the weight station no later that 3:00PM. A participant may weigh-in fish in other derbies depending on other derby/tournament rules and regulations. 10. All data recorded by the weigh master on the official weigh-in form shall be final. 11. Winner will be determined by a point system with 10 points per fish, and 1 point per pound. Ties will be decided by biggest fish in order. If there are any disputes, the participants shall abide by the final decision of the derby judges. 12. Participants of this derby compete at their own risk. 13. All prize winners shall be responsible for the payment of any taxes and/or duties, which are applicable to the prize(s) won. 14. Each participant, by paying the entry fee, acknowledges that he/she has read, understands and will abide by the rules of this derby, and agrees that failure to comply with any of the rules will result in immediate disqualification, forfeiture of all prizes. 15. In the event that the tournament should be canceled due to small craft advisory prior to the 6am start time, the event will be held on the 25th of August.
  3. After that they will only be available at Screwy louie's.
  4. Confirmed. August 24th. I'll have tickets available at the LSRC.
  5. Yes you do have to pay get into the park. Seeing they sell camp sites I doubt they will allow you to set up camp for free in the parking lot.
  6. As you stated they will be around the thermocline, which we do not have a stable one as of yet. Fish are scattered.
  7. http://www.charts.noaa.gov/OnLineViewer/14803.shtml follow link to Noaa chart
  8. Both have their days. I prefer spinnys on dipseys though.
  9. Well not a west end guy so i can't tell you which colors have been hot there but here's were I would start, with what you got to work with. Riggers 1 flasher fly the other with spoon and spoon on slider. Let the fish decide which stays and which goes. Dipseys flasher and fly on both. start near top and drop them 5' of depth (15' of wire) until you find the active depth. Boards, short cores with spoons if you got them, snap weights if you don't.
  10. How about it West end guys? Chime in here.
  11. How many rods will you be running. What species at what depth will you be targeting. out of which port?
  12. Quite simply there are not nearly as many boats fishing out of our port. Only 10 - 12 Charters operate out of Fair Haven. Quiet little drinking town with a fishing problem.
  13. The weather pattern we have been in the past week and a half with gentle southerly winds pushes the warmer water off shore. If we get a NW we may see these fish back on shore again. Get out early these fish will be active on top. As the sun comes up they are moving down. 2 to 3 color cores with spoons worked well. Carmel dolpin was my best for steelies and diehard for lakers and kings. riggers varied from 30 to 50 down with spoons and sliders on the corners. Center rigger and dipseys were white / green dot in the am, chrome green dot once the sun came up with A-Tom-Mik Hammer flies. 70-120 on the center rigger and 120 to 180 on the dipseys. The fish were all over from 100' on out found no end.
  14. Only experienced a little hair loss. other than that good stuff!
  15. I've used .037 (45#) copper from A-Tom-Mik for many years now with outstanding results. http://www.atommiktrollingflies.com/037_Copper.htm
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