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  1. Tamm Lapp Construction built my barn In Fair Haven. Excellent pricing and workmanship. http://www.newpolebarn.com/
  2. The Fair Haven American Legion post is on board to handle the food for this year.
  3. With all the cold water the bass are pushed right up against shore.
  4. As I have said for years after the same experience. Friends don't let friends by Lowrance products.
  5. Yes, Thanks to Tim, Jeff and the Finders Keepers Team the show will go on! Thanks guys
  6. Have used the Hp Scotty's since they came out. Great performers. No problem with heavy weight. The speed even with the heavy balls is the best.
  7. Should be open by then. If not all gone keep an eye on wind direction as it can move pack ice and block your return.
  8. Fair haven, Last two weeks of April. You'll be lucky to be able to get out early in the month. Usually I would say sooner but not with the amount of ice out there.
  9. I'm not able to handle the weigh in this year and can not get the help to do so. Rather than string everyone along, It's time to pull the plug.
  10. Well it looks as though there will not be an event in Fair Haven this year.
  11. Fair haven has included Wayne in the past due to Blind Sodus being in Wayne County. Jefferson is not included.
  12. You're not alone. Same thing happened to me this past weekend.
  13. The last ten years have been a fun ride but the event has out grown the staff. I am searching for some one or a group to take over the weigh in portion of the event. This is not a help with or I'll be available after...??? type of position. It assumes total responsibility of the scales including; becoming familiar with the equiptment we have or procuring better, set up of scales prior to event, opening scales promply at designated time, cut off to line up, presenting statistion with clear acurate information, and clean up of station after the event. We need to fill this job (it requires at least two people, 3 is better) or there may not be an event in 2014. If interested e-mail me at [email protected]
  14. Watercraft clinic in Wolcot did mine. Years later still happy.
  15. Epoxy it together then reinforce with Fiberglass cloth strip with epoxy. Should be stronger than the rest of it.
  16. Speed is eveything. If you don't have down speed throw out a thumper to see if you have any action or too much, on your flashers. Thumper- wire line or braid, pound ball with a dodger gives the best read on the rod tip.
  17. We have gotten many calls and tried to get those that called first the opportunity. Trying to keep everyone updated. As of this morning there is still no sale.
  18. Location Bayside Marina in Fair Haven.
  19. Anchor Resort or Bayside in Fair Haven.
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