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  1. Looking for some input on when it’s best to troll ollicots river mouth for fall kings. Used to do this years ago but forget if it was around Labor Day or later. Thanx
  2. Charter My Bonnie runs a trip like that in the river at ollicot in the evenings
  3. Not sure about boat us. 12 years a ago we blew a gimbal bearing about 6 miles from shore at ollicot. We could not find any tow service, and hailed coast guard. They sent the SS Niagara from the Niagara river and towed us back to dock in ollicot. Thought for sure this would cost a bundle. But. Luckily the don’t charge, at least back then. Did do a boat inspection.
  4. Those sea sick wobblers were they gold or silver back? Thanx
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