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  1. Chowder, That was me with the white dog. Thanks for the welcome. I really enjoyed Sat. I replaced my fuel lines earlier and made one a little too long and it kinked in an out of the way place. Even rough running on the way in couldn't mess up that day! I'll probably be the one asking you for advice...I'm pretty green at deep water. Some info on the LL and browns. A topo map (fishing hot spots) recommends the two deep water runs Frontenac Point N to AES, and the Atwaters to Sheldrake run. Both are over the 400 ft water. They say; These long narrow strips over deep water seem to hold most of the LL from mid summer through early fall. Look for them ABOVE the thermocline sometimes only 30-50 ft down. Fast troll spoons. Lots of Rainbows will take these same lures. I know its a "fishing map" (sigh) but the info it has has been pretty accurate for me. 58Johnson
  2. Was out early Sat morning west side N of Taughannock (across from AES). Lakers were hitting better than they have in a few weeks for me. There were a good number of jiggers out, a few downriggers, me doing dipsys and the best of all...an older gent pulling copper with a manual rig in a 12 to 14 footer. Using glow spoon/ glow dodger was working. Dirty White Boy and Alwive were not. Never got to try silver...my usual best. 58Johnson
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