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  1. Sandy Creek Shootout Would someone please provide me with the name and address of the person I should send my entry fee for the Shootout to. Thanks, John
  2. I'm looking for the port side window for the hard top on a 1988 240 Thompson Fisherman. If anyone has a parts boat or knows where one is, please let me know. Thanks, John 607-437-6502
  3. Two bedrooms, one bath and combined living, kitchen and dining area. Bathroom is large with a full size shower/tub combo. Stove and refridgerator are only 3 years old. Fully insulated for year round use but I shut it down for the winter. It has electric heat and is also set up for an easy pellet stove installation. New wiring and plumbing in 2010. Municipal water with a private septic system. Cable TV is available. It sits on a corner lot with plenty of room for parking and room to park a boat. Located about a mile from Johnson Creek and 5 miles from Point Breeze and the Orleans County boat launch on Oak Orchard Creek. Located in the Sunset Beach subdivision with year round neighbors so there are no worries about being burglarized. The address is 935 Vinecliff Street, Waterport, NY. If you google that address you can look at some pics on Zillow. Great fishing camp or summer getaway. Asking $35,000 or best offer. I can be reached at 607-437-6502 and will be available most weekends to show it. John
  4. I will be fishing the 1K a Day, Salmon Slam, Oak Orchard Open and the KOTO series for sure and hopefullythe Niagara Pro/Am and the Sandy Creek Shootout. I have fished the WHI twice and love it but I can't take the chance of missing Mother's Day due to a blow day so that one is out. You do learn a lot fishing the tournaments because they force you to fish as hard as you can under all kinds of conditions - especially conditions that you wouldn't be fishing in otherwise.
  5. I'm looking for an observer for the OOO on June 13 -14. If interested PM me or give me a call at 607-437-6502 to discuss details. Thanks, John
  6. I am looking to buy at least two Daiwa Sealine 47lc reels in good condition.
  7. I have a nice two bedroom cottage near Oak Orchard for sale. I'm selling it because I bought a bigger cottage. It has been recently remodeled and is insulated for year round use. It's 1 mile from Johnson Creek and about 3 1/2 miles from Point Breeze.
  8. That is called a tuna door. Most of the big boats that fish for giant tuna have them so that the big fish can be pulled into the boat through that door instead of lifting it over the side. On most of the big boats with inboards, the door is in the transom.
  9. Anonymous

    Lake Alice

    You must be talking about Lake Alice. Althiough I have never fished it, I spend alot of time at the Oak and have heard that it is an excellent crappie fishery.
  10. The boat was sold to Steve (PennYan20) last spring. See the post prior to yours. You may want to contact him to see if he wants to sell it. JMM
  11. Does anyone fish for lake whitefish or ciscos in Lake Ontario?
  12. I know this topic has been covered in general but I am interested in how many downriggers Islander owners are running, where you have them mounted and how you all have them set up, ie on pedestals, tracks, etc. My current 221 has 4 riggers mounted on a board on the stern. I run the two inside riggers straight back and the two outside riggers off the sides. The set up works well but I am unable to use the swim platform for a cooler and it makes netting fish difficult sometimes. I know that going to 3 riggers off the stern will open the back of the boat up but I really like having 4 riggers. I just bought another Islander and am intersted in other set ups and any advice you all may have before I decide how to set her up. Thanks, John
  13. I put each bag inside large plastic game bags that my buddy got somewhere. I really didn't think of rodents when I did it but I have had no rodent issues. I don't think its very easy for a rodent to climb into an Islander. Anyway, if a rodent issue arises, I will just switch to 4 bags of 50lb concrete mix. Now that you mention it, I might do the switch now to avoid any potential problems. My friends chickens can eat the corn.
  14. I have a 1987 22.5 foot hardtop Islander. I have fished Lake Ontario out of it for the past 2 years and love it. I had a 19 foot Sea Nymph GLS prior to that. No comparison. The Islander is a much better boat, especially with the hardtop. It has a Mercruser 170 freshwater cooled engine with about 300 hours on it since being rebuilt. It also has a Nissan 18 hp 4 stroke kicker. Both engines are great on gas and it trailers like a dream. Some people complain about the performane in rough water due to being aluminum and light weight but if you 200 lbs up front in the cuddy, they perform really well. No, they are not as smooth a fiberglass but they are a lot more economical to run and easy to tow. I just bought another one. It is also a 1987 with a hardtop. The only difference is it has the 4.3 Chevy in it. I plan on working on it over the summer and hope to habve it ready for spring fishing. I will be selling the one I am using now either this fall or next spring.
  15. I am looking for an observer for the Niagara County Pro/Am on June 1st and 2nd. We will be pre-fishing on Thursday and Friday and you are welcome to fish with us. We are willing to pay a reasonable rate. Give me a call or send me a pm if interested. Thanks, John 607-437-6502
  16. The boat is now parked at Lake Breeze Marina. If you want to look at it and take it for a test run, give me a call and we can set it up with Doug. The plug is in the motor well on the starboard side. The boat doesn't owe me anything and I would really like to sell it so, if you are interested, don't be afraid to make an offer. I will consider all offers. John 607-437-6502
  17. This boat is for sale again. I took it off of the market last year because the big engine started skipping. I messed with it for too long and couldn't figure it out so I took it to an OMC mechanic and he had it fixed in no time. It needed a seal in the fuel system and some carburator work. It runs perfectly now. I fished the Niagara River with it twice this winter with no issues. I will be using it April 10 - 14 to do some brown fishing at the Oak and to make sure there are no issues. After that, it will be parked at the Lake Breeze Marina in Point Breeze. $7,500 or best offer. 607-437-6502
  18. My best stick bait was a J9 Rapala in black and silver. My best spoon was a NK 42 Second.
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