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  1. That's what we were doing but they weren't stayin on. Had a few people tell us to lift the rod and set hook hard. Since the two methods are totally diff I figure some one was full of sh** . So I guess it was just a bad day. [ Post made via Android ]
  2. Been given conflicting info on how hard to set a hook on a king off dipsys or riggers. How are you guys doing it. Lost a lot of fish today ... Don't like that. [ Post made via Android ]
  3. I have a chapparal 234 fisherman with a 235 evinrude. I threw an 8 HP yamaha 2 stroke on a lifting mount and it surprised me how well it works. I never felt the need To go bigger [ Post made via Android ]
  4. saw the capsize boat on a trailer this morning at the fish cleaning station on rt 13 by the bridge in port ontario. winshield was smashed down but it could have been alot worse. Talked to the fella that pulled them out. Cant recall his name right now but a hero in my book. He sat with them for four hours in that washing machine water out there. Hope hes around if im ever in a pickle.
  5. Thanks for the info so far, keep any other sugestions coming. ill be contacting places soon and the more i know about the better. thanks again Tom
  6. thanks fo the advise so far. willing to go anywhere from oswego up to pulaski area. Really hoping to fing a place where i can keep the boat in the water and stay real nearby. or even on the boat if necessary. got an email in to mikes marina for info.but keep the sugestions coming. Tom
  7. i will be traveling up from pa. we normally stayed in pulaski and launced my friends small boat right on the river. but last year i got a 24 footer and would rather not pull her out of the water every time we come in. so i was wonderfing if there are some marinas with lodging facilities or somewhere we could put in and stay on the boat for the night. i just dont want to be dragging it all ver the place. i d like to put it in when we get there and leaveit in till we leave. any sugestions would be apreciated Thanks Tom
  8. FIshed the day after. It was COld, Windy, Cloudy, damp and miserable.... MAN IT WAS GREAT
  9. $1.57 here in Northampton PA. Funny. its realscattered. 1 mile away they are still at$1.89 but most are around $175
  10. $1.79 at the same wawa today. Heck premium is down to $2.15
  11. Ok Ray. I cant stop laughin..... Thanks alot. See There really are dumb questions..
  12. $1.83 at a wawa in allentown PA. Maybe well see a buck and a quarter after all............
  13. I saw $1.91 yesterday at a BJ's right after i filled up for $1.93 at a wawa in whitehall PA Incedently does anyone need any $4.10 gas... i got about 45 gallons in my boat yet.
  14. Gill-T and Big easy... sounds like a little sarcasm to me. Now ive come to learn that whenever a Fishemen tells you Dont go over there, there arent any fish there. THat usually thanslates to ... Boy thats my favorite spot. gotta keep everyone away..... Any way thanks for the help
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