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  1. Kind of autopilot. Have a 19’ stripper with 150 hp and 8t hp Yamaha. I also have a Minnkota Ulterra with ipilot I use for autopilot. The 8 hp pushes the boat and the minnkota steers the boat with a remote or through my Humminbird helix. Can pick a heading , follow depth contours or select waypoints and off we go. Works great plus it has an anchor feature too. just depends how big your boat is , but they did just come out with a 87” shaft for larger boats.
  2. May have nothing to do with your problem but my neighbor had the same issue . Gas in the oil. Turns out he bought a new fuel tank which are now sealed they have a vent to let air in but not out. So the sun would heat up the tank and force the gas into the motor. I also believe Yamaha's have a sensor that won’t let them run if there is to much oil (and gas) in the crankcase. He had to add a pressure relief valve to his fuel line.
  3. Probably going to be the nicest day for fishing til next summer. Good luck!
  4. How deep are you fishing for the pearch thanks
  5. Anybody running these off riggers ,if so how far you running them from the ball ? I have been using the 100’ rule ( down 60 back 40 etc)
  6. Last time I fished out of SBH we got back at 6 and the fish clean station was closed. Anyone know the fall ours for the station? Thanks
  7. If you do have the Windfinder App is a great tool for wave height
  8. Now I just need the the lake to lay down so I can give it a try Thanks for the great advice!
  9. Thanks for the a Great info ! Not to go off topic but you have my interest with the perch. If you don’t mind me asking where and how do you catch them ? thanks jt
  10. New to fishing for walleye in the basin . Trying to get a feel how late in the year You can target walleyes in the basin. Seems that they are moving deeper. Any thoughts? thanks jt
  11. If your asking me 63 feet. Probably should have launched at SP because we were a lot closer to SP then SBH. But 63 close to the fence. Fish were on the bottom . we run 2 riggers and 2 wire divers.
  12. Fished Erie out of SBH ran gambler rigs on one side and a stick and spoon on the other trolling at 2 mph. Boxed out with 18 eyes The gambler rig out performed the stick and spoon 2 to 1 Them eyes LOVE worms
  13. Jakeybaby, thanks for the info. After fishing lake o for years for trout and salmon I like the fact you can troll these in Erie at the same speed as lake O. Just feel you can cover so much more water at 2+ then the normal 1mph for normal worm harness. Plus I should be able to run them along side my stick baits . Just ordered some ..thanks again
  14. Jakeybaby, interested in the gambler rig. how fast can you troll them for eyes ? did you have a favourite colour? and where can you buy them ? Thanks
  15. Pending payment. Will update if sold Or not . Thanks
  16. Selling some Roemer and Black releases. Two of the Roemers are missing the cable tension clip. $30.00 for everything in the picture PM if interested Thanks Jack
  17. I use the wire knot on my prob cable. Scrap the coating off and tie it to a heavy duty swivel ,works great.
  18. You probably know , but be sure to use a good sealant when you mount it so the transom won’t rot.
  19. Make offer if interested
  20. Sounds like deep v wander. Any boat I had with a fair amount of dead rise tend to wander at slow speeds. Only seems bad in close quarters , when I’m trolling in the lake I don’t notice it as much because it will correct it self without much correction at the wheel.
  21. Yankee, thanks for the offer , but I can’t squeeze 3 more batteries on board. jt
  22. Yankee, i noticed on your pic of your Lund you have a bow mount trolling motor. Is your Helix attached to the trolling motor for auto pilot ? hoping to buy a minkota and helix for auto pilot and anchor and would be nice to hear from someone who has this setup. thanks
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