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  1. 2 Spin Doctors and 3 Flies all new $20.00
  2. 4 Paddles and 3 flies with harnesses $30.00
  3. 22 NK spoons and 3 other brand . $35.00
  4. Two Scotty 1021 Downrigger Clamps . One is missing a pad . $35.00 for both
  5. I have 2 New Scotty Swivel Bases with base plates for sale $110.00 for both
  6. Ditto on the Church Stern Planning. Works great ! Much easier then trying to clear a long line when your fighting a fish. When I fish solo - 2 riggers and stern planner - can usually leave the other 2 lines in when bringing in a fish.
  7. I have a 150 Yamaha on a 19" striper and a 150 Merc on a triton. Both are great running motors and rock solid. I will say the Parts for the Merc are a bit cheaper and easier to obtain. Where I live Merc dealers are pretty common . Don't think you would regret either one . Good Luck !
  8. You can go to Walmart they sell fiberglass resin in a gallon can in the auto department for about $35. buy some outdoor plywood cut it to size then roll 2 coats of the resin on and brush the edges real good . last you 20 years . Done it a bunch , same for transoms . Good Luck !
  9. looks like there still for sale
  10. Navillus , Please send me a note on how you would like to complete this . Thanks JT
  11. sorry for the delay been gone for a bit. 1st $100.00 takes them shipping not included Thanks JT
  12. Scotty Swivel Pedestal Mounts I have 2 brand new Scotty swivel Pedestals for sale $120.00 for both
  13. I like the way this guy does it. I made my longer with 300lb test mono. http://saltpatrol.com/resources/videos/ Downrigger Basics with Capt. John Good Luck
  14. All electric riggers are better then manual . With that said I have to give a plug for my Scotties . I love the fact that you use the clutch to drop the ball as fast as you like . You can pretty much let the ball free fall when setting up and want to get your tackle back down to your depth in a hurry . You only use the motor to retrieve the ball. 5 years and 0 problems . Good Luck !
  15. Mercury / Quicksilver 92-86166Q 1 Z Bellows Adhesive I have used this on my Bigjons and Cannon rod holders works GREAT . Stand them upsidedown after you glue them so the glue stays in the cap and doesn't drip down the rod holder. (ask me how I know ) JT
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