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  1. Some Good Info at this site too! http://www.mercstuff.com/
  2. Which ever method you use I would drill a very small hole at each end of the crack so it won't grow . I would lean toward welding , but I would also want to know why it cracked so it won't happen again. Good Luck!
  3. Bought 2 - 1116's last year , Great Rigger . Only uses power when coming up. I have mine mounted on tracks as well , no problem. (be sure to have backing plates under the tracks ).
  4. Plywood and resin works great and you can buy the resin at Wal-mart in the auto department by the qt. If you put carpet down you have to use contact cement and I found a small roller works nice to coat the floor and the back of the carpet . Good Luck ! JT
  5. I installed a SE 300 Hydro Foil . Works Great !!!
  6. I have a 500/5000lbs hitch I took off my 2006 Silverado . I believe it will fit 1999-2013 . $50.00
  7. I think most will agree once you fish with down temp and speed you won't want to be without it .On lake O every time I turn I have to adjust speed and every time the wind blows down temp changes . All the units today work well and if money isn't an object I would buy the the Fish Hawk . I myself am a weekend warrior and found a Depth Raider refurb on Ebay for $330. This will be my 4th season on the coated cable and see no real sign of wear.(you can reverse ends of the cable to extend it's life ) I have Scotty electric riggers and bought their antenna adapter that works great with the stop beads on the coated cable. Good Luck !!
  8. I am curious . Why would you run without a thermostat ? Seems like in the Spring and Fall when the Lake water is cold your engine would never warm up to a good running temp and could do more harm then good. Unlike a car with a closed cooling system your are always pumping cold water into the engine . I guess I thought motors ran better when warm . (always ready to learn )
  9. Speaking of running on a float down the chute . Anyone use a Church Tackle TX-007 Stern Planer ? Seems like it could work pretty well for running your copper long off the stern to make room for landing fish.
  10. Hows the engine Coupler? Might be a good time to replace it if it has a lot of hours on it ,
  11. Not sure how it compares to the Okuma Clarion but I bought a Okuma Convector High Speed from Tunas Reel Trouble ($99.) and mounted on a Okuma Classic Pro GLT copper rod and love it (400'copper). What ever reel you buy I would be sure to get something with 6:1 retrieve . When running copper there is so much line out it's nice to be able to get it in quickly if you need to clear tackle . http://stores.tunasreeltroubles.com/brands/OKUMA.html
  12. Merry Christmas and a Healthy, Happy New Year !!!
  13. Hi ! I just received my new Carbontex drag washers for my Tekota 800 Cooper setup. The instructions say you can use them dry or with grease . Was wondering if anybody is using these and what method would be best . (dry or greased ) Thanks and Merry Christmas to All !
  14. Not a great picture of what I was suggesting ,but close .
  15. I wonder if you could build a couple of boxes 6"wide by 24" long (or longer ) that fit in the corners. You could build them so they could mount to the floor , the splash well and the gunnels. The long side of the box would run parallel and flush to the top of the gunnels . You could add some shelves/storage in the boxes sort of like a book shelve to store tackle and down-rigger weights. You could mount your riggers and rod holders to the top . Mounting them to the floor ,well and gunnel would strengthen the transom /gunnels and leave the back of the boat open for you . Good Luck ! JT
  16. Have a Lot for sale on Eagle Island . 75K PM if you want more info . JT
  17. Are the bellows cracked ? Did you replace the seals on the lower unit and pressure test it after you fixed it ? http://www.sterndrive.cc/
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