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  1. Sound like it's working as designed . Thanks for the info !! JT
  2. Hi ! Friday I went out for the first time this year and tried out my new toy (Depth Raider speed and temp at the ball ). Just to get the hang of things I ran the probe down a foot or two from the surface. I noticed that the temp and speed were different from what my FF and GPS were reading. If I was trolling at 3mp on my GPS the DR was reading 2.5mp and if the FF surface temp was read 50 degrees the DR was reading 45 degrees . Didn't matter which direction we went , with or against the wind. Was just wondering how normal these readings are compared to everyone else's ? We did catch 6 Browns , 1 Laker and a small King out of Sandy . Was a GREAT 1st trip ! Thanks for any info on the Raider !! JT
  3. If you like the boat and plan on keeping it you might think about trading the force in on a 50hp or 60hp four stroke engine and forget the kicker . I hear they troll Great .
  4. Try a flag or a wind sock . I keep a wind sock at the end of my dock and it seems to keep the birds off my boat. JT
  5. No matter what you buy I would lean toward the High thrust , Pro Kicker , Big Foot models . The engines run at a higher RPM when you are trolling so you will have better oil pressure and the alternator will be putting out a bit more juice. If you can I would also get electric start ,remote controls and tilt . I fish Lake O solo a lot and it is nice not to hang off the back of the boat in bad weather to work the motor . You can do everything right from the helm . My boat is the best part of 3K lbs and the Yamaha 8T has all the power I need . Good Luck ! JT
  6. This link might help. Good Luck ! jt http://www.mercstuff.com/gimbalbearing.htm
  7. Good Stuff ,Thanks ! Just filled the boat up with gas so i'm ready to give it a try once the weather gives us a break . Thanks again JT
  8. Hi ! So if you want to catch some Browns out of Sandy Creek is it best to head East or West ? Thanks for any input ! JT
  9. I have 2 brand new Lee's Gold rod holders mod.RA5201GL fit 3/4 to 1.050 rail . Great to mount on bow rail for net , very heavy duty . New these are $132.50 each . Selling the pair for $120. call Jack 585-233-0411. http://store.leetackle.com/horizontaltu ... older.aspx
  10. Thanks Gambler ! How do you attach your cheater to the main line? Thanks again! JT
  11. Hi ! Is there a big advantage of running a fixed cheater instead of a slider ? If so when ? Thanks ! JT
  12. Hi ! Anybody know when NK has their in house sale ? Thanks JT
  13. No pictures of a big old salmon laying on the floor of your boat you could measure from???
  14. I have 2 of the Sealines for my wire and love them. Good Luck !
  15. FYI . I use a Diawa Heartland 9.5' with a twill tip , cost me less then $40.00 . They make a 10.5 ' too. With a longer rod you can have a longer leader off the diver and still get the fish in the net. Good Luck !
  16. I bought some here . Great service ! Good Luck ! http://www.shopwtp-inc.com/index.php?cP ... 6e94984531
  17. While we're on the subject of coated cable . Anyone have a preference on what type of ball retriever to use on the cable ? Scotty vs Cannon . Thanks JT
  18. I was in the same boat . Ended up buying a DR on E-bay refurbished with a 1 year waranty for $329.00 almost half the cost of the X4 . The unit looks like new. You have to keep watching for them if your interested because they seem to go pretty quick. People seem to love what ever unit they own . For me it ended up being about $$$$ . Good Luck !
  19. I have a Yamaha 8T which is a lot like the Prokicker. With the lower gears and bigger prop they run at a higher RPM and put out a little more charge then a normal kicker would at the same speed. My boat has a water separator off the main tank . It has 2 places to attach a fuel line . I connected my kickers fuel line to the second out fitting (after adding a nipple ) and it works perfect. Good Luck !
  20. Try this site , some good info there. http://www.marineengine.com/boat-forum/ ... ?pg=topics Good Luck !
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