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  1. I think the new rating for four stroke outboards is the FC-W which replaces all the other SAE grades. I would run any brand that had the FC-W rating . Not sure auto oil has all the additives the FC-W has. Just another $.02 http://www.bobistheoilguy.com/cms/ Below is from Yamaha: Yamalube® 4-M FC-W® (SAE 10W-30) 4-Stroke Engine Oil For Outboard Motors: Re-formulated to provide outstanding protection for all four-stroke outboards. World Leading Lubrication: This improved formula is designed to provide extra protection during the critical cold-start period, as well as during the extended operation under heavy load that four-stroke outboards so often face. Rust, Corrosion, and Deposit Protection: The additive package is formulated to fight corrosion, varnish, and wear for longer engine life. Boat owners wanting the best protection for their four-stroke outboard should look for the NMMA FC-W® rating. With FC-W®, the protection gains are: Far superior rust and corrosion protection, thanks to additives not available in today's passenger car oils. High levels of bearing protection, far more than in passenger car oils. High resistance to foaming under high engine speeds, foaming that can break down the oil's ability to provide lubricity. Superior lubrication even when fuel dilution potential is present. This is particularly important when boating in cold water under low-speed trolling conditions. Designed and tested by the marine industry for the marine industry.
  2. Copper is heavier then wire. From what I've been reading every 100' of copper will take your bait down 20'-22' (600' down 120'-130')
  3. Got a photo or a link ? Didn't see it at their web site.
  4. Water pump maybe???? Try this site ! http://www.marineengine.com/cgi-bin/discus/discus.cgi Good Luck !!
  5. Hi ! I've replace some floors and transoms on boats and always used exterior plywood . But I always coat all sides and edges with 2 coats of resin . (Wal-Wart sells resin by the quart pretty cheap ) How long did the carpet and wood last the first time? Chances are if you coat all the wood with resin it will outlast what the factory did . You could also try some truck liquid bedliner on the outside if you don't want to carpet that part.You can even paint the liquid liner to match the boats interior . Pep Boys sells it by the quart. . Just another $.02 Good Luck !!!! JT
  6. Have a set of engine controls for a Evinrude or Johnson with 14' cables . This would be a perfect set up for a remote kicker. $60.00. JT
  7. 2 Shimano Tritron SpeedMaster SM200FS with Fightin Star reels spooled with 30# Stren High Impact line. capacity 14-480 17-400 20-300 Gear Ratio 5.2:1
  8. Thanks ! Getting ready to buy my 1st set up. Figure I will get in enough trouble on my own learning how to use it ,so want the pole and reel to be right. JT
  9. Ray , Glad to hear she is doing better . God Bless ! JT
  10. I have a 12 volt motor on my boat hoist to lift the boat and have a 5 watt solar panel hooked up to the battery at the end of the dock. It goes the whole season and battery always has plenty of charge. I am very happy with the 5 watt panel. I bought mine at Northern Tool on sale for $39.00. If you get to big of a panel you may need a regulator so you don't over charge your battery. Good Luck ! JT
  11. After reading that I wonder if they should be used with copper as well ???? Is anyone using them on their copper rigs ?
  12. Ya got me thinking a bit here. If the depth is a 1/3 of the line out I wonder if the width couldn't be a 1/3 of your 282'. That might give you aprox 200' wide spread. Got any diving gear ?
  13. Not so sure that would work here because there is so much bend in the line . I have to believe from the rod to the dipsey the line is anything but straight. But Thanks!
  14. Chowder , is a pike ball float just a big bobber ? How far back would you run the float. Thanks JT
  15. Hi ! Seems like from what I've read here if your running wire Dipsey (like a Walker 107 ) set on 2.5 it's a 3:1 ratio (300' wire - driver down 100'). So if I'm running a diver on each side of the boat set at 2.5 with the same amount of wire out on each , any idea of how wide the spread would be with 100' , 200' or 300' ? Thanks JT
  16. I would like to Thank Everyone for all the Great input ! I have a 18' boat and will be buying just 1 set up for now so it looks like a 600' copper would be the most versatile way to go . (along with a pair of wire cutters ) Trying new things is half the fun fishing. (can't decide if spending money or catching fish is the other half) Thanks again for all the help!!! JT
  17. Aqua Signal bow and stern lights run on AA batts . $30.00 cash Thanks for looking
  18. 6 rod holders for sale . 2 Tite-Loks and 4 Angler Pals (7.75" tubes). $80.00 for all or $30.00 a pair .cash - firm Thanks for looking JT
  19. I have 15 assorted spoons for sale . $20.00 cash Thanks for looking JT
  20. I have 2 Daiwa graphite rods 1 is 7.5' and 1 is 8' with 1 Penn 210 reel . All in very good condition. $20.00 cash firm. Thanks for looking JT
  21. YT, Spring and Fall I fish out of the Genesee . During the summer I fish out of Sodus . How do you set your drags for copper ? Is it anything like wire ? Thanks again for all the good info ! JT P.S. What do you normally run on the copper ? (spoon , SD ....)
  22. Chowder , If you where to get just 2 copper rigs what lengths would they be ? Thanks everyone for the Great info
  23. Last season I picked up 2 dipsy wire set ups which out fished my riggers . So everything I read here was true . Now I would like to pick up a copper rig . But not sure how to run it . Do you let copper out like wire with a loose drag then tighten it up a bit ? If I am running 2 riggers and wire dipsies on either side ,when do you put the copper in ? To keep tangles to a minium do you run it down the shoot or inline planner ? Thanks for any help !!!! JT
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