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  1. Hi ! GREAT FISHING !!! Looks like something I would like to try, but boat is put away til spring. Never been to Oneida , is the Walleye fishing this good in the spring too ? If so , when does it start ? Thanks JT
  2. Hi ! Do you have any pictures and would you being intrested in selling the boat outright ? If so how much? Thanks JT
  3. Thanks Bill ! I'll check them both out .
  4. Hi Bill ! They look Great ! Any feel if the track mount would be strong enought for a dipsey ? Looking to get a couple rod holders to run some dipsey rods. JT
  5. Hi ! Was looking to buy some red head silver bullets . Do I want 3's or 4's and with or without rattles ? Thanks
  6. P.S . didn't know what a slider was 2 weeks ago , Great site with tons of Great info .
  7. Hey it works ! Went out last Sunday a.m. ran 2 J's on the riggers down 15 then put 2 NK's NBK mags on some sliders and caught a King on the NK's on the Summerville side of the river. One of the few fish I saw caught. Thanks Again for all the GOOD info !!!
  8. GREAT INFO THANKS !!!! Do you have a favorite color this time a year ?
  9. Hi ! When running the J's and spoons,they on downriggers ,if so how deep and long or just flat lines ? Thanks Again for everyones help here!!!!
  10. Thank You !!! What tackle do you think works the best right now ?
  11. How long into Oct is it worth trolling the mouth of the genesee for salmon
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