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  1. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name:Jack ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s):9/8 Time on Water:6ish -10:30 Weather/Temp: Wind Speed/Direction:lite Waves: Surface Temp: 73 Location:west of the river LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 6 Total Boated:4 all most - knock one off with the net (fishing solo) Species Breakdown:Kings Hot Lure: Spin Doctor white and blue Trolling Speed: 2.2-2.8 Down Speed: Boat Depth: 50-55 Lure Depth: 40 on rigger 125 wire dipsy ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS Trolled out the river pulling some spoons marking a lot of bait . Was the first boat out so trolled both sides of the pier. No Luck . A couple of charters came out and headed toward Russell so I followed . (like a sheep in the woods) Went out to 55' and fished between the beach and Russell . Once I got the spoons out and put the SD's on a wire dipsy and one down 40' on the rigger the fun started . The biggest King was 30lbs. 41" on the wire dipsy-took a dozen tries to get him in the net .(9.5' pole in one hand net in the other - yahoo) The others were high teens low 20's . Except maybe the one that took my SD and slider home with him. Best fishing I ever had solo. Was a Great Day !! Good Luck !! ====================
  2. Hi ! Just bought a 1851 DC STRIPER with a 150 Yamaha . Love the boat ! The Yamaha is great on gas and trolls nice . Fish lake O solo a lot and works GREAT . Have had a bunch of boats and this is got to be the best riding 18' boat I've ever been in . Easy to trailer as well . Not sure how big a boat your looking for but in this size the Striper would be hard to beat. Got mine at Happy Days too . Good people . Good Luck ! JT
  3. Hi ! Last season seems like everything I read said get any color you want as long as it was black . Fishing out of Sodus this summer I noticed a lot of charter folks running some very colorful dipsies that looked more like flashers. (greens with silver tape , chrome etc...) Just wondering what folks thought was hot this year. Thanks JT
  4. Hi ! Looking for a rod holder to run copper down the chute. Folks seem to love these Cisco holders, but it looks like they use fiction to adjust the rod holder and wonder how well they hold without slipping . (want something that adj up and down and side to side) Also where is the best place to buy them ? Thanks for any help ! JT
  5. Hi ! Just started running wire . How important is to cut out the bends and curley Q's . Don't have any kinks but always seem to end up bends in the wire from boating fish and rigging the divers. Thanks JT
  6. Hi ! Just installed one on my boat too. Is the speed very accurate when trolling ? Mine seems way off , played with the transducer still no luck. When going 3mph reads .6 mph. Thanks JT
  7. Well I used a heat gun to remove the tip and what was under the tip was pretty nasty . Looks like Daiwa grinds the rod before they glue the tip on . So I cut the nasty off and glued my new tips on. They came out nice . I guess sometimes shorter is better.
  8. Never running copper before , I thought from what I've read here for some reason your suppose to run the full length of what ever you have ??? So there no harm in just running half ?
  9. Jack

    Handheld GPS

    Thanks for for all the Great info! JT
  10. Hi! If you were only going to have 1 copper setup how long would it be . Thanks JT
  11. Hi ! I am looking at maybe getting a hand held GPS instead of a permanent mounted one for my boat . Like the idea of a small foot print on the dash. Just was wondering what folks use and thoughts were. ( for salmon fishing) Thanks for any info. JT
  12. From what I remeber the early 4.3's were a 175hp then I believe around the early 90's they started rating hp at the prop and it went to 150hp with 2 bbl carb. Seems like the newer 4.3 is 190 hp . I have had 3 of them over the years in differant boats and have never been disappointed in the hole shot. The 4.3 is a chevy 350 with 2 cylinders cut off and has a lot of low end torque. I would run it with the prop that gets you to the max rpm range . I have had the boats loaded with people and always planned off with no trouble. try this link http://www.perfprotech.com/store/articl ... tions.aspx
  13. Hi ! I believe if you have a 2 barrel carb it's probably 150hp if you have a 4 barrel carb 220hp. As far as prop goes I would get one that lets the motor run in it's max rpm range at wot . If it won't troll down enough try some trolling bags. Good Luck ! JT
  14. Hi! Getting ready to put a twili-tip on a Daiwa Heartland rod. If anyone has done this, do I cut the rod tip off or will it come off with heat? Thanks for any info!! JT
  15. Jack

    WIRE ?

    Thanks !! When I put the 1000' on a Daiwa 47 Sealine do I need backing ? JT
  16. Jack

    WIRE ?

    I was wondering if anyone knew how it compared to the other wires out there . Thanks JT
  17. Hi ! Gander has Opti-Tackle stainless steel camo 1000' 7 strand 30lb wire . Any good for a dipsy setup . Thanks JT
  18. Hi ! Still looking to buy a fish finder I can have for a while . Talked to BOE marine and they recommend a Lowrance HDS 5. Wondered if anyone has one or has any input on the unit. Seems like they are some folks out there less then happy with Lowrance's service lately. Any info would be helpful . Thanks JT
  19. Hi ! Looking to buy a new fish finder and was looking at a Furuno FCV620 . Was wondering if anybody had any input . ( are they worth the money compared to others out there ) Thanks for any Help ! Jack
  20. May want to look at this link ! http://www.sterndrives.com/shiftinterup ... hkits.html
  21. Hi ! If you look on the engine where the shift and throttle cables mount there is a switch that kills the spark when you shift to help gears engage . you might want to ck it out. JT
  22. I've had both over the years and like the roller over bunks. If you want to clean or paint the bottom you can move the boat on the roller trailer with little effort to get under the rollers . Easy on and easy off . If you have a well built boat and a good quality trailer with plenty of rollers you shouldn't have any hull issues. If you don't have deep water a bunk can be a pain to get the boat on and off . You pretty much have to drive the boat on and off and you'll never move the boat much with the winch if you didn't drive all the way up to the winch stand. Many times I felt like I was going to pull the eye out of the hull before I could get the boat to move the last 2" to snug it up to the bow roller. JT
  23. Hi ! How is the water tube ? Maybe this link will help. http://www.mercstuff.com/waterpumpinst.htm
  24. Hi ! We catch small mouth out of Lake O . After we clean the fish we soak the fillets is a bowl of ice water ( lots of ice ) in the frig over night. Next best thing to perch . Might be worth a try on LM. Jack
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