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  1. Hi ! Want to pickup a couple rods for inline planners and to use on my downriggers as well.(spool with20#) Was wondering what the difference is between a downrigger rod and a planner board rod is ? Which one do you think would do both things well ? Thanks JT
  2. I'm curious how people build their sliders. What pound test,swivels and length ? Thanks JT
  3. Jack

    NK Spook

    What do most people like to run the 28's or Mag's ? Is there a big difference ? Thanks JT
  4. Jack

    NK Spook

    Thanks ! Whens the best time to run this ? JT
  5. Hi ! Someone said the favorite NK was a Spook . Any idea what it looks like ? Thanks JT
  6. For GPS I would look real hard at Garmin they seem to be the leader. I have a 541 I bought last year love it If you are thinking of a combo unit you may want at least a 7"t0 8" screen the 5" screen is king of small after you split it. Good Luck !
  7. Hi ! I would use Marine-Tex . If you have a white hull you won't even notice the patched holes after you sand it. Good Luck ! JT
  8. FYI! $400 Docks on Sodus Bay - $400 (Lake Ontario) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 2011-02-09, 10:02AM EST Reply to: [email protected] [Errors when replying to ads?] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Call for special winter pricing on great docks at a secure marina. Please call Wendy @ 315-587-9767 thanks and dust off that swim suit!!! Location: Lake Ontario it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
  9. can bring them to LOSTA Expo if someone is interested in them
  10. http://www.brasschecktv.com:80/page/835.html
  11. I'm thinking the whole idea of the knot is to eliminate the crimp. Some feel the crimp weakens the cable. You can even put a blacks release between the half hitch and the overhand knot if you like.
  12. 3 Offshore stacking releases $20.00 ma
  13. Have 2 - 10lb balls with fins 2 for $25.00 and 2 - 10lb fish 2 for $25.00
  14. Hi ! Was wondering if I could use the same knot I use on my wire divers on coated cable if I scrap off the coating where I tie the knot to the swivel? (and still get a signal) http://www.lotsa.org/Wire%20Line%20Knot.htm Thanks JT
  15. With Garmin depending on which model you buy will determine what map you get. The X41 has the US Coastal which includes the Great Lakes and the X31 has US Inland lakes .(X=screen size) I have the 541 whith the coastal maps and am very happy with LO charts. More then enought detail for the fishing I do. You can always add maps later if you like.
  16. Looks like the dash wins! Thanks!!
  17. Hi ! Want to pick temp/speed at the ball this winter . Was wondering where the best place to mount the display would be . On the dash or back by the riggers ? (18'boat) Thanks JT
  18. Hi ! I picked up a Garmin 541 (no FF) I love it . Garmin is number 1 as far as GPS goes . I also like the idea of having separate units . Having a FF and GPS on a 5" screen is alot of info in a small area. I would be tempted to just buy a GPS and keep your FF for now. Good Luck JT
  19. I run 2 riggers with 4' booms stright out the side of the boat . Would the triducer have any problem picking up the signal being 6-7' away ? Thanks JT
  20. anyone been to Sodus lately ? how much ice is there ? Thanks JT
  21. If I bought a speed/temp unit that uses coated cable . Under normally use how many seasons could I expect to get out of the cable? (I don't stack my riggers) Thanks JT
  22. Hi! I was thinking of getting a Fishhawk X4 . Was wondering if the transducer would mess with my FF which is 50/200hz? Happy New Year ! JT
  23. Hi ! I no longer use a crimp for my downrigger weights . After having more then 1 ball snap off at the crimp I now use the same knot as my wire diver setup to attach the swivel. http://www.lotsa.org/Wire%20Line%20Knot.htm Good Luck ! JT
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