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  1. I would think you would want to prop the boat so at WOT your RPMs would be the manufacturers recommended 4400-4800. The best way to stay on plane at lower speeds would be Trim Tab's or adding a fin to the outdrive . I added a SE 300 sport hydrofoil to mine , helped with hole shot and staying on plane at lower rpm's .
  2. Been in this boat, it's a great set up . Wish I had some spare bucks. Good Luck Cory !
  3. Hi ! I have a Shimano Tekota 800LC with a Shakespeare Ugly Stik USCC2270M . It has 300' of cooper backed with 30# Mono and leader . All tied together with swivels. Other then a few marks from being in the rod locker and only been used 1/2 dozen times it is in Great shape. $250.00 cash .
  4. This is a Great site for oil ??? http://www.bobistheoilguy.com/
  5. You can move it ! http://www.marineengine.com/newparts/part_details.php?pnum=MER864990A+2&ptype=&Engine=&Model=
  6. Heavy Duty Outboard Engine Stand with wheels . Will accommodate extra long shaft motors . Had my 75hp Merc on it , easy to move around. $50.00
  7. here are a couple pic of my fuel line with the collapsed lining.
  8. Merc had problems with their older gray fuel lines where the inside of the fuel line separates and starts to brake apart clogging the fuel flow . If you cut the line near one of the fittings or bulb you will see the separation , if that is your problem. (if not just reconnect the line ) My Merc has a fuel filer under the cover , you might see little pieces of the line in the filter . I have a 2002 15hp that had the bad line . Good Luck
  9. ditto on the fixed mount http://www.marinetechproducts.com/pages/FixedOutboardMotor
  10. Kind a sounds like deep v wander . http://www.thehulltruth.com/boating-forum/142414-low-speed-wander.html#b
  11. If you happen to be like me who has a hard time telling Steelies and Atlantic's apart this Trifold is a big help. http://www.seagrant.sunysb.edu/articles/t/salmon-and-trout-of-lake-ontario-a-visual-identification-guide-new-york-coastlines-spring-summer-2012
  12. Not sure they have manuals , but some useful stuff there . http://www.mercstuff.com/
  13. contact cement and a small roller
  14. http://www.marineengine.com/boat-forum/forum.php
  15. It's crazy what batteries cost now but , I would never have just one . I have two connect to a switch one runs my main engine and all the accessories the other runs the kicker . If someone (me) leaves the lights on and the battery goes dead i just flip the switch and run on the kicker batt . Summer is to short to miss a day of fishing for a dead batt . Good Luck !!
  16. found this : Best Answer - Chosen by VotersThe 165 is a GM 250 CID inline 6 block. These haven't been produced since about 1980. The modern equivalent is the GM 4.3L V 6, used by Merc, Volvo, and OMC, the basic 2 bbl carbed model producing 175-185 hp. Too bad they changed, in my opinion the old inline 250 was the best small marine inboard engine ever made.
  17. Two Big Jon Swivel Bases with Deck Plates in Excellent Condition . $120.00 for the pair with deck plates . cash/paypal/firm. Please PM for more info . Thanks ! Jack
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