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  1. Looking for a pair of 24" booms for my Penn Downriggers. Thanks JT
  2. Hi ! Whats a good SOG trolling East and West out of Wilson ? Fish there for the first time and noticed the current. Don't have speed at the ball so not sure how much to compensate . Thanks for any info !! JT
  3. I bought a Striper at Happy Days in Ohio. Great deal and Great service. They have a lot of boats in stock.http://www.happydaysboating.com/ Not sure I agree with your grading of them .Good Luck!
  4. Hi ! Thinking of heading west from Greece to fish Olcott or Wilson . Was wondering if there is a big differance between the 2 this time of year? Where is a good place to launch a 19' boat? How to start :depth ,heading etc..... Thanks for any info!! JT
  5. If you pay for shipping Iwould be happy to.
  6. $25.00 !!!!!!!! They are $75.00 new
  7. I have 2 Accudepth Plus 47LC'c mounted on 2 Daiwa Heartland 9'6" rods with 30# clear Andea line on them. Never used them . There are a few marks on the reels from being in the rod lockers , but they are still in new cond. Asking $150.00 for the pair.
  8. has model number RPR-182-L03 . could be for a Lowrance.
  9. It's 2 5/8 " at the widest by 5 3/4 " long.
  10. Made a holder out off a swim noodle and some 'T' shape pins . Store extra pins on the end.Seems to work pretty well.
  11. this link might be worth a look . I bought mine here last summer ,great prices. http://www.fishingandhuntingusa.com/rod ... 5QodBktF0A
  12. trolling bag with line and float asking $35.00
  13. Went to the LOSTA seminar and according to the Good Folks from Best Chance Too Charters they say it's pretty much 3 times the length of the flasher . 8" SD 24" leader,10' SD or flasher 30" leader.
  14. Like Jolly 2 said 47lc and a Heartland 9.6 with a twilly tip and 1000' of wire. It don't make fish but it sure do catch a lot of them . It out produced my riggers last summer. Good Luck!!
  15. I just bought a Tekota 800lc for my copper from A-TOM-MIK . Great Price and Amazing Service!! The Tekotas cost a little more then the Penns but 1 turn on the crank brings in 3' of line which is nice when you have 400 to 600 feet of line out and they are very smooth.
  16. Hi ! I am getting ready to add a Yamaha 8T to my boat that is now powered by a Yamaha F150. My boat has a battery switch connected to 2 batteries. The 8T has electric start. Can I connect the 2 motors together on the same switch or do I need to isolate them some how ? My goal is to have them both charge the batteries . Thanks JT
  17. I have seen when they mount bow mounted trolling motors they sometimes use well nuts . Minn Kota has a Quick Nut they use( check their web site ). I would think they could work on your riggers . Just a thought ! Good Luck ! http://www.estcoenterprises.com/well-nuts.html
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