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  1. Outboard Motors 1987 MERCURY 2-STROKE SERIES 70ELPTO Motor Type: Gasoline Volts (Electric Motors): N/A Thrust (Electric Motors): N/A Horsepower: 70 Cylinders: 3 Start Type: Electric Dry Weight: 265 Power Tilt and Trim: Yes
  2. maybe this could help from NADA Boats and Personal Watercraft 1989 SEA NYMPH GLS195 GREAT LAKES SPEC Outboard Boats Length: 19' Model Name/Description: GLS195 GREAT LAKES SPEC Boat Type: Outboard Boats Hull Material: Aluminum Beam: 7' 5" Engine: N/A Net Weight: 1125
  3. If you have an outboard and have to replace the transom , check out this web site. Never used it myself but looks interesting. http://www.transomrepair.com/store/
  4. Outboard or I/O ? If it's an outboard I would pull some of the bolts holding the engine out and check the wood with an ice pick for soft spots . It tends to swell a bit when it's wet too , check for cracks. How much of it do you think is wet ? JT
  5. After reading a bunch of post here . it sounds like the Hot set up is Spin Doctors and Flies off wire dipsys . But sounds like the SD's don't work well behind the DR balls. So when fishing deep with the dipsys what should I run off the riggers ? ( fishing 2 people 4 rods ). Thanks JT
  6. Hi ! Looking to buy some wire to put together a couple dipsy rods. Been looking at AFW, Malin and Mason. Is there a big difference between them ? Thanks for any info !! JT P.S. color matter ?
  7. Hi ! Give these folks a call . http://www.mflumber.com/
  8. Hi ! Great looking boat ! I have been looking for a used one like it myself , love the way you rigged it. See you have a kicker bracket . Do you need a kicker with the 115 Four Stroke ? Thanks JT
  9. Deal ! What kind of beer do you like ? JT
  10. Hi ! Was thinking of giving ice fishing a try . What would be a good size auger to buy (4",5",6"....)? Thanks JT
  11. Nice Job ! Looks Great ! Curious ,what kind of boat ? JT
  12. Jack


    P.S. Happy New Year !!!!
  13. Jack


    Do you have power steering on your I/O ? May hard to steer with the engine off if you do .
  14. Maniac, when your running the Mup-Rig what #test are you using on your main line and what line are you using for leader ? Thanks JT
  15. Great Stuff !! Thank You for all the Good info, Hope everyone has a Very Merry Christmas !!!! JT
  16. After reading all the posts on fishing line and Keating book I am confused as to what line to run and still catch fish. I fish Lake O out Sodus in the summer and out the Genesee in the Fall . 50% of the time solo. Keating seems to like using lite line for better lure action. But I'm not sure I can fight a King on 8# -12# test while clearing tackle by myself . So what do you think would be the best line to run off riggers with spoons or j-plugs and a slider. Also if your running dipsies down 50' or less do you still use wire or mono or....... Thanks
  17. Sign me up ! I fish solo a lot and it would be great to add a third line . JT
  18. And I thought this was going to be easy !!! Thanks for all the GREAT info and pictures !!! JT
  19. Hi! Looking at buying some dipsy rod holders . Saw these 2 and wondered if anyone had any experience with them . Kind like the ratchet system on Berts but don't know how well it works. Berts MF3098 http://www.teclausa.com/bert/products/rodholder.html Fishing’s just got easier if you are using Bert’s Custom Tackle Adjustable Rod Holder with our Ratchet Gear System. Adjust the rod holder to the angle that you want. You have 5 positions or from vertical to horizontal to choose from. When you get a fish on line you can easily pull the rod holder straight up with the Ratchet Gear System. It’s easy to remove your rod and maintain pressure on the line in one motion! The new ratchet gear rod holder has the same features as the old rod holder—such as all metal moving parts. Extra-strength parts that are easy to use even on a boat in rough water and the parts are made of marine-grade materials. The rod holder fits in Bert’s Custom Tackle Track and rotates 70° with 2 clamp knobs that lock the rod holder into the grooves in the track. This means you have easy horizontal and vertical adjustment, which is great, if you’re fishing with a buddy or you have multiple lines in the water. or Traxstech RRH-230 http://www.traxstech.com/store/rod_holders.htm ADJUSTABLE ROD HOLDER Our #1 selling rod holder! (The strongest adjustable rod holder available on the market) This holder has five locking positions up and down, 45 degrees of side to side rotation, giving you the flexibility to position your rod for many different types of fishing. (Excellent for dipsey diver use) Base and Tube made of aircraft quality aluminum; working components are made of stainless steel to provide strength and prevent corrosion. Thanks
  20. Thanks for all the GREAT info !!!! P.S. What kind of knot do you use on the spool ?
  21. Hi ! Want to try running wire this spring and have been reading all the post I can find out there . I think I have most of it figured out except I'm not real clear on drag setting . Sounds like most use a light drag to let the dipsy out to keep tension on the line then once it's out far enough you increase the drag just enough to so it's not taking anymore line out . Then use a release ??? Once the fish is on do add more drag ??? Thanks
  22. Hi ! Shopping for a newer boat and been looking at these 18-19ft Trophy walkarounds seem like a nice trailerable boat for Lake O. Want it for trolling and spending the day on the lake. Wondered if any has one and how they like it ? How do they track , handle the weather ,room for 2 or 3 folks ? Any chance you have a four stroke and will it troll without a kicker ? Any info would be Great ! Thanks ! JT
  23. Hi ! Here are a couple sites that mite help . Good Luck ! http://www.themarinedoctor.com/cgi-bin/ ... 1192383649 http://www.marineengine.com/cgi-bin/dis ... ?pg=topics JT
  24. Hi! Not positive but I think the transducer cable is a lot like the antenna wire on you ship to shore. A braided coax cable that probably really can't be spliced. Also ,not sure I would want to take a chance on smoking my sonar if the cable ended up with a short in it . Just another 2 cents (could be wrong) Hope Everyone has a Great Thanks Giving !! JT
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