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  1. Many places have open C&R Bass season all year long
  2. I have not been by there in a month or so. I would think with the wind we have had it would be closed up. You can always pay to launch at holiday harbor. It might be worth it !
  3. I've done better this year than previous ones. I just usually stay in the bays and fish for green guys or perch this time of year.
  4. Just wondering if anyone targets the smallies this time of year? I know they move up shallow chasing bait on the fingerlakes. Wondering if they do the same thing here?
  5. went out tonight out of port bay trolling for an hour or so from 50 ft down ro 30 ft with no luck. Still seems pretty tough out there
  6. What bay were those caught in?
  7. Nice fish, If they start to bleed out like that hit em with a little soda pop and it stops it. Looks like a solid 2lb fish, no offense to your 4lber remarks.
  8. I caught this guy 2 days ago in the snow from a dock on the smaller of the fair haven bays. I wonder if it's the same fish. One of my co-workers is holding it while I snag a pic.
  9. thompkins point has been producing pretty well but is being heavily fished. Try other areas/drop off's around there if there are more than a couple boats directly off the points.
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