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  1. m8ball484

    Lake ducks flying

    Why part of ontario Sent from my XT1565 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. m8ball484

    Ice Fishing Guide Ithaca

    Hell pay me enough to take off work and my gas.... I'll take ya out. Drill holes, drop bait, and drink beer.... HELL YA!
  3. m8ball484

    Made my day

    Going up tomorrow am to see if I can find elvis myself
  4. m8ball484

    Perch at Sampson State Park Seneca Lake

    Off topic but anyone seeing much in the way of ducks? I.E. divers??
  5. m8ball484

    Cooking/eating divers?

    Redhead and bluebills are awesome to rat as they are..... it's the true "divers" like mmerge long tails and scoters that taste like dirt.... I've tried a lot of different ways and it always turns into dog food hahaha
  6. m8ball484

    Slugs for 20 ga 11-87

    Sst's are too fast... not accurate. My wife shoots the copper solid slugs by Remington out of a mossberg 500 and they patterned the best. Tried a few others.. money def bears it's face in this one as a box of 5 is around $17
  7. m8ball484

    Bear Creek 4/5

    i had a charter last weekend run up behind and inside of me at Irondequoit. he got with about 75 yards behind me, and at one point we were in between his boat and his otter boat on his port side. he all of the sudden walked over to see where he was and cut hard to shore to nearly avoid a major snag. after he pushed us out of our trolling path, he casually continued on by to our inside, not even a wave or sorry or anything (we were only about 60 yards apart at this time). we ended up tangling two of our own lines cutting hard to get away from him. i wish some charters would take the time to pay attention to where they are going and not so much on making the buck by staring at the rods. what even happened to safety first???
  8. m8ball484

    deal of the day!

    holy crap..... maaaardens!! that place rocks, i used to go to school at UNITY and if you needed something it was either wally world or maaardens in waterville. good times!!
  9. m8ball484

    ice on sodus bay??

    anyone have any info on the ice situation on sodus or port bay????