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  1. It seems that I get a laker almost every time in out this season whether I'm targeting them or not. That usually means I need to speed up a bit sometimes that doesn't matter they are spread out in the water column and feeding heavily some days. I usually run north when I leave the LSR and start up near the dunes. That seems to hold a good population of them. You can virtually catch them anywhere in the lake but for me that area seems to be loaded with them. I would suggest putting cowbells on your rigger rods and have a spin glow or peanut in tow. Either will produce lakers consistently for you. Early in the season I purchased some ITO laker candy and took some nice ones using those. The one day out in June we did 3 that were in the slot limit and had to throw one back. They seem to work well on the bigger Lakers. Good luck to you.
  2. Call Raymarine as they have a great customer service. They'll tell you what you need. I inherited a Raymarine C90w that was only used as a GPS but added a sounder to it along with a transducer and now I can use the sonar capabilities as well now. You can find some parts slightly used for great prices online because they parts aren't cheap brand new Compared to my all in one Humminbirds that I've used over the years.
  3. A friend ended up looking at it for me and turned out to be a bad switch. All good now. Thanks for the replies.
  4. Start with a 300' as some people said you can always add a snap weights to take it deeper and then add a copper in another length as you can afford to. I find that the 200' copper is lights out on steelhead in the summer when then kings are just moving in to 200 FOW or less. I've built up to 6 copper rigs over the years from 150'to 600'. I tend not to run more than 4 off the big boards. That just my preference and experience with some nasty tangles. They will all work on any given day and time of the year and will serve their purpose. Good luck to you.
  5. My boat came with older mag 10s that don't have auto stop and dont really handle 12lb weights very well. I'm looking to upgrade possibly this year but definitely next year. I'm looking at some used ones that are in good shape but can't seem to find out what they can handle, weight wise. I know that the brand new ones can handle up to 20lbs which I think is overboard for me. They have a smoking retrieval rate also it seems. Is there any way I can tell by a serial number or date of manufacture etc what weight they can handle? As always I appreciate the feedback.
  6. I'm wondering what your thoughts are on renaming a boat. My previous boats did not have names on them and I named them "gotta bite". This boat I purchased from my friends who were the original owners who bought it new in 1989. It's always been named the Jolly Roger after the original owner. I planned on naming this one the gotta bite as well like my previous boats have named. I have owned it for over a year but didn't run her last year due to some mechanical issues. Now she is rebuilt and rigged the way I want her. There is a superstitious school of thought that say run her for a year before I remove the original name etc and take care of renaming her next year after a renaming ceremony. I know it sounds crazy but as fisherman we are a superstitious group.
  7. I'm having some issues with one of my mag 10s. Took it apart and reconnected the Wires etc. not sure if it's the circuit board or what the issue is at this point, but none the less, I want to get it repaired. Does anybody know of anybody that repairs them in the Northeast Pa area up to Oswego / Mexico ? I'd like to be able to drop it off as opposed to shipping it. Appreciate the feedback.
  8. I'll take them Brian. Pm me your address and I'll send you the Check and pick them up when I launch next month.
  9. I have both but would prefer to eventually just run the otter boats.
  10. I also dealt with Eddie as well. They have great customer service at Okuma.
  11. I've always run inlines . The new boat has planer boards reels on it and the line looks questionable. I'm thinking about replacing it. What pound test Dacron line is most everyone as I I have both wooden boards and otter boards that I could be using.
  12. I'd like to remove this pedestal base that the previous owner had put in. What would be the best way to go about this without compromising the strength of the floor ?
  13. Sold! Bought this in like new condition. Turns out that I can't use with how I'm laying out my boat. Only slid it into the track and back out. $60 plus shipping.
  14. Boat is sold pending balance of payment owed I have moved up to a bigger boat and I must sell my Seasprite. She served me well over the past 8 seasons as my first closed bow boat and it's time I find her a new owner. She's 22 1/2 feet and is powered by a 4.3L Mercruiser alpha one engine. The boat also features 2 mag 10 Cannon downriggers, Depth Raider , Humminbird sonar and Cobra VHF radio. She's a perfect for someone who wants to start trolling the big lake. Lastly it comes with a Landyacht trailer all for $2500. You can see her at Mike's Marina in Mexico if you'd like to see her. Mike's has done any and all of the servicing over the time I was moored there including spring tune ups oil changes and winterizing.
  15. GPS pretty much made LORAN obsolete.
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