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  1. I upgraded to used mag 10's from my easi trolls this year. I encountered some issues with the cable jumping the track on the swivel head assembly once or twice previously in the season and about two or three times then just this past weekend. I just replaced the coated cable on the one for my depth raider so that cable is in good shape and the other came with the riggers so it may be a little older. Why are they coming off the pulley more so than earlier in the year? It's getting frustrating having to disassemble the swivel head assembly and reassemble it. Plus not to mention it chewed a little section of my new coated cable already. Should I order new swivel head assemblies? What do you guys recommend to remedy this situation. I appreciate the feedback.

  2. Thanks Ray and Gambler,

    I kind of came to my own conclusion and thought it out after putting down the can of blue light for a few minutes. This will allow me to run 2 lures off one pole which it's looking like I will only have one other person in the boat with me on Friday so this should better our chances. If the lake is calm I'll definitely give it a shot this weekend. I have been landing steelies just about everytime out off my planers, but not off of these sliders. Yes I also enjoy watching them explode out of the water. It's great sight to see on a sunny day.

  3. I see this mentioned pretty regularly but not sure what it means. I have slide divers but I don't believe this is what people are talking about. Can someone explain how this works. I have had it with the roemer releases they are a PIA and want to try something new and hopefully easier anyway.

  4. CB,

    Thanks for the advice. I might "drink the kool aid" on those resetting dipseys that were posted here a week or two ago. Fat Nancys had a few complete samples for sale when I was up in early July. Maybe that might lessen the chance of a tangle. I know I still have to worry about the fish tangling my lines which has happened to me before. It sounds like I'm going to love or just down right hate this copper thing. I'll let you know probably next monday or tuesday with a report.

  5. I tend to agree with Choo Choos statement about limiting access to some area if we are getting a natural reproduction in these particular tributaries. Make some of the areas like they have in Altmar off limits to keeping fish catch and release only. That's if they make it up river that far. I did the river fishing thing for salmon and it's not my cup of tea. I'll stick with the lake fishing for a bunch of reasons. One being it's too crowded and a fair amount of outlaws snagging and dragging fish regardless of the regs. Just my 2 cents and that won't get you anything these days. I am looking forward to fishing this weekend and I'll be on the look out for the AD fin. One more question is that AD fin clipped only on the salmon or trout don't have them?

  6. That's where my boat is moored and I wanted to get into that Tourney too but I had a wedding to go to. Go figure. It sounds like they are slamming the salmon now. I had a nice tussle with a 25lber over the holiday weekend. I can't imagine a 33lber at the other end of the line. Things are looking up from what started with a lot of smaller fish being caught in the earlier part of the summer at least for me anyway?

    Hey Landshark, are you going to be at Selkirk this weekend? I know we were up there around the same time last year. If so stop by I'll be in the same corner site as usual.

  7. I was told some time ago when I first started coming to Lake O to fish that the fall Salmon spawning run was a "false" spawn. Because they do not live the majority of their life in Salt water these fish are just going through the motions. I was just reading Reel Jerks post and he mentioned a "natural" salmon being caught. I understand the rest of the trout species and I believe the Atlantics do have a natural reproduction unless I am wrong about that, too. Just wondering if someone could bring me up to speed on this. Thanks.

  8. I plan on finally using my copper set up this weekend. It'll be my first and I was wondering what would be better to use? I have various spin doctors and pro trolls, but also have some larger Opti Tackle flashers that are approx 14" long. I dressed them up with some ladder backs last year and have not used them since. I was thinking those big flashers would have more drag in the water with the copper and possibly give the fly or spoon a better action. I could be off base in the assumption but that's why I am posting it as a question here. Also My 45# coper should get me down 66' but I have the 4 size in the stinger dive bombs I believe I can get down 8' more with every ounce on the dive bomb. Should I attach it just below the albright not or midway or a few feet from the flasher itself. As always your feedback is appreciated.

  9. I have the 6" stationary that I will give you a deal on. I am selling them in the classifieds here. I have just upgraded to the 3" swivels and love his stuff. I have the track systems, angled and adjustable rod holders and mounts. It's well made and affordable. I would ask Markie for a money back guarantee prior to purchasing them. See what he says. I have dealt with him on a few transactions over the past year or two. He seems like an honest guy.

  10. I have a Hummingbird 565 which I like alot but sometimes you won't find a fish on the screen and that is believable and other times when I start marking them you think that there are so many fish how you not snag one whikle trolling. I start to play around with the settings on a slow scroll or faster scroll as well as the sensitivity and that seems to make it worse and I end up reseting the factory ones just so it does not go haywire. Does anybody have any suggestions to get an accurate reading or should I change them up from when I am running out to where I want to fish and then adjusting them when I arrive at my destination.

  11. I have 10'6" wire dipseys on the outside usaually set on a #3 setting. I have extra pole holders on my mag 10's. I may be able to set it up in there possibly on a 1 or 2 setting with out getting tangled up. I only purchased one Slide diver becasue I wanted to set how and if it would work better than my conventional wire line dispsys.

  12. I bought a slide diver a few weeks ago and tried on my med light downrigger pole that was spooled with 30# big game. I was not impressed but I am sure that is not the ideal set up for it. I was considering using my Diawa 47LC that is not in use and spooling it with some power pro line since it has smaller diameter than mono and the power pro has less stretch to it. What pound test would be best in this case and what type of rod would be best also?

  13. That's good to know. I had the application in my hand and decided not get into the derby because of the weather forecast that weekend and I would not be up for another 3 weeks. I landed a 25lber 2 days later. I had it weighed at Woody's and the girl who was working said I would have been in 2nd place at the time of the weigh and said I would have finished in the money more than likely. I have been ticked at myself since, but not don't feel as bad now knowing I would not have placed. Super Dave , Again Nice Fish.

  14. I bought my current boat used a few years ago. It's a 1987 Sea Sprite with a 4.3L Mercruiser Alpha one. I never got a manual with it. Someone asked me a few weeks ago how many HP it was. I was not sure. I went to the Mercury Marine website and they had various listing for HP for that motor. I believe it started at 150 and went to 220. I called their customer service a few days ago waited so long I had to leave a message and I still did not receive a call back yet. My other question is what's the best pitch for an all around prop. I use the big engine to troll also so I don't think I want something that won't let me keep the boat speed down. What would suit me best for trolling and getting me up on plane fairly quickly? Your feed back is appreciated.

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