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  1. Thanks for the quick response. I'll try and reach them tomorrow. Not much going on with this site. I wonder if they are still in business and they are referring to the LORAN system still. I'll definitely check it out though.

  2. The boat that I bought and am fixing up came with an old autopilot. It was tied into the old Loran System of navigation. The boat has a C90W Raymarine sonar and GPS. Is there anyway I could get these two to sync up with some sort of part or converter? As of right now I just engage it to keep the boat on a straight path but would eventually like it to be working without breaking the bank. Lastly what brand is it? Thanks as always for your feedback.


  3. I have a 9.9 kicker with the boat I bought. It's underpowered for the size of the boat on a windy or slightly choppy day. I would like to upgrade to a 15 or 20hp when I see the right deal present itself but was wondering if I would have to get a new throttle and cabling to go with the new make and model. For example it's a Yamaha, can I use what's mounted inside the cabin for a Merc or Honda kicker?

  4. Would go with a 300'. It's always easier to add weight with a dive bomb or torpedo weight to take you deeper. I have a 200', 300', 400' and a 600' that I just added last year. I have not run the 600 yet, but have reeled in a a friends 700' in a tourney and it wasn't that fun. IF you go bigger make sure you have a reel with a higher gear ratio for quicker line pick up when reeling in. Good luck.

  5. I myself was looking at them as well for an upgrade with some of them being on sale, but heard the same from a few pro staffers. Doesn't help at all when trolling at night. If you're anchored somewhere and jigging , the green light will bring in fish more so than the other colors. I decided to forego the "wow" factor and just put some inside that back of my boat under the gunwales. They were only $12.95 hard to pass that up.

  6. I have a couple Shimano Talora Copper rods and a couple Okuma GLT Copper rods and they both work well with the large eyes making it easy for the for the knot to go though with out hanging up. I don't see much difference between the 2 other than the price of course with the Okuma being cheaper but just as good in my opinion.

  7. I bought a boat last year with a nice Raymarine C90W on it. The former owner only used it for it's GPS capabilities. I have since bought a sounder and transducer for it. Since it has a fly bridge and would like to driver from up top, do they make a signal splitter that would send the same image to another Raymarine screen if I mounted one up top? Right now I have my hummingbird mounter up top and believe they should be on different frequencies. I not I'll remove it if it causes interference, which is why I was asking about a signal splitter. As always your feedback is appreciated. Thanks.

  8. Yes Power Dive that is a Glow spoon but seems to work well in all conditions. I took a single limit one day with the sun shining high overhead. If it ain't broke don't fix it. Caught a few smaller steelhead on spoons higher up, but the limit of kings came on that spoon after a slow steady pick In a few hours.

    Broke Off I know Woodys tackle in Pulaski had them in stock last year. It was one of the newer models from ProKing at the time. I'll have to check with Tom to see who online is carrying. I'm not sure if Gander or Cabelas ordered any of the Pro Glo Series this year to sell. I'll keep you posted.

  9. We are rebuilding the engine in my boat and I figure it would make Sense to replace the spark plug wires as I believe they are the original from 1989. Would I need to buy marine grade or standard spark plug wire kits. It's a 5.7L OMC cobra. Appreciate any feedback on this.

  10. Last year I purchased a Solterra 50L with 600' of Morgan's tackle spooled nicely on it so 500' should not be a problem. There is no doubt that it's a heavy reel but feels solid and well made. Hopefully I'll get a chance to use it this season as last year year it wasn't in the cards with my schedule. It's also a lever drag reel which is different that the star like the smaller Okuma and Shimanos.

  11. I usually have good luck with your standard sized spoons but do get them on mags as well. I run mostly a Proking program of spoons. We had one heck of a day 2 years ago on the lead core and short coppers running the pro king modified blue dolphin , gold fish and pearly gates mag which unfortunately I don't have a picture of it on me for some reason. We took the majority of the fish that day you see in the one picture with us holding up a mess of steelhead and cohos. We also do well with Mags and sometimes flasher and flies as well. My son is holding a beautiful steelhead off the stack near Oswego that he landed on a dragon slayer mag which has accounted for many species of fish. Same with the modified Blue dolphin . We also Catch our share on flasher and fly. Usually a Stephs flasher paired with a mirage glow fly works best for us. And as for most steelhead you'll catch them usually in the up 60' of the water column. Good luck. I hope all the info this site gives you helps you put more fish in the box.





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