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  1. Wow, I wish I were in need for more spoons. Great deal.
  2. I am interested in buying them. Shipping cost to 07036 Linden NJ? Thanks in advance. Kjell
  3. What would the shipping cost be like for shipping all three to 07036 Linden NJ ? Thanks. Kjell
  4. Please do so. I will be the one paying the shipping cost anyway. Thanks.
  5. Are you willing to ship ? If yes, have a look at the shippingcost for all three shipped ground shipping to Linden NJ 07036. Thanks. Kjell
  6. Hi all! I will try to put together some old downriggers I have. All of them are missing some parts lol. Most of them have been bought online on various fishi9ng forums and came without mounting bases. I need some mounting bases for three Scotty downriggers. ( I bought two here on LOU but unfortunately i got S**ewed, so they came without mounting bases). Some days ago I purchased a pair of Cannon 10As here on LOU, they are sold without mounting bases/sviwels, so if... you got the grip? lol. Needed are also mounting bases and sviwel bases for Cannon unitrolls. I also need some rod holders for Cannon downriggers, both single and dual are of my interest. Some cables and connectors for Cannon electric downriggers would also be nice. I also have a sport troll that need a mounting base. Thanks in advance. Regards. Kjell
  7. LOL what a man and what a seller. Well the story didnt end there. I replied, sent the seller my adress again, and he told me that he would send the bases. Once again nothing happened. So if anyone here has a pair of Scotty downrigger mounting bases, I would love to buy those. They are the black plastic part closest to the hull, with one stainless nut in each corner. Believe the nuts are 5/16" unc. And while talking mouting bases, I also need some bases and sviwel bases for Cannon downriggers. it is highly appretiated if I could get some used ones. Thanks in advance. Kjell
  8. Thanks Bob! Please respond to my PM Tom Regards Kjell
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