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  1. Top sides, back,fully enclosed,frame and hardware from a 88 sport craft 230 used 2 years stored inside during winter months don't know what other models it may fit asking 500 obo Sent from my SM-G960U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. I was thinking of getting the track system I have an outboard on the rear and may add a kicker Sent from my SM-G960U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. I bought a 2007 trophy pro 2002 that has never been set up for fishing so I am starting with a blank canvas. Are there any trophy owners that could post pics on your setups for ideas? Any help would be appreciated Sent from my SM-G960U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Reckless behavior done repeatedly is not an accident
  5. New price 6700.00/bo just in time to fish for perch
  6. I have an 1988 shorelandr that I used for a 23' sportcraft I don't know if it's big enough for a 25'
  7. No this has not been sold I waited for the weather to warm up to remove it as the boat is stored outside, then the wind hit I have been helping my son in rochester. It came out very easy it is a simple install. I am open to offers
  8. The boat is stored elsewhere I will have to go to get some pics I have no idea how old it is so I would be open to an offer after you look at the pics I believe the steering wheel needs to be removed to get it off, it worked great when the boat was up and running. I fished alone often
  9. The lower unit went on my boat I am parting it out I am located in batavia
  10. I have a raymarine sportpilot on my 23' sportcraft it worked great you would have to remove it if interested let me know I can go out and get pics
  11. Thanks for the input,I purposely downsized to a 16' to trailer to the bay because my grandson lives only 5 min away. Looking forward to giving it a shot, he loves to fish.
  12. Thanks for the info, I was just looking back on last year and it had picked up about now,and I did see october is a bit better.I am just wondering if this year will be off because of the late spring and dry summer, I had talked to some that fish Erie and it was hot for a short time and shut down and never came back.It will be a learning experience so I am not expecting a lot I am just hoping for decent numbers my grandson is 8 and hope to keep him busy.
  13. I have never fished for perch on either of the big lakes, so I am wondering about when does the Irondequoit Bay perch fishing pick up for the fall? I picked up some perch rigs which I have also never used, but going to give it a shot.My grandson is a fishing nut so I hope to have some luck with him.
  14. $500/bo downsized to smaller boat selling equipment from old boat Sent from my VK700 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. The store I bought them from didn't have them in stock I had to order so they came right off the truck they did not sit on a rack in a store at all
  16. They were purchased June 12th I put them in boat and took it to repair shop they started boat took it on lake to test run and blew out lower unit Boat is being sold for parts
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