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  1. A good way to learn is book a charter next spring or summer and ask questions and pay attention to what is being done,I was lucky I had a friend that chartered in the late 80's,early 90's, one trip was all it took to get me hooked on fishing Lake O. There will be a fishing expo in Lockport on the last sunday of February with new and used equipment and seminars
  2. so sorry to hear,my lab is 12 so I will be dealing with the same soon,she is the last of my 4 dogs and each one is just as hard to deal with
  3. Ron was a personal friend of mine, I knew him for many years.Back when deer season didn't have the muzzleloader or bow season after shotgun season he would gather up as many guys that had doe permits left that he could find and would come out to my buddies land to push the woods to fill as many permits as we could.Ron knew A LOT about salmon and years ago I would talk fishing as much as I could to try to learn what I could.Now he's trolling the big lake in the sky,never a dull hook,never a break-off and always flat calm water.Hope to fish with him again some day
  4. The open comm for the pro ams is a whole nother can of worms,I fished out of olcott back in the early 90's and you could not comm with anyone.In the years since I haven't paid much attention to them and could not believe that you are able to comm with other boats.Only one person needs to find the honey hole then call their buddies in and score big,now that takes a lot of skill.As far as the LOC I went to an awards ceremony a few years back when I was lucky enough to have an 8th place fish and one of the top fish was thrown out because they questioned a young boy that would not lie for the father,so you see there are even people out ther that would have their child cheat to cash in.
  5. I wasn't whining,just stating the reality of it.I am retired and the guys I fish with are not,vacations are mostly taken with their families in mind.To say lone fisherman are cheaters is ridiculous if you were to fish alone does that make you a cheater also?I do realize there are a lot of people that try to find ways to cheat,but I would think that they wouldn't have any trouble finding someone that will cheat with them.So to say there isn't cheating going on because they have someone to fish with doesn't hold water.
  6. I fish alone 9 out of 10 times so I don't get a derby ticket I wonder how much $ they are missing out on by not allowing lone fisherman to enter fish,if I could enter a fish caught solo I wouldn't go out without a ticket in my pocket
  7. Like the others said SHARP hooks,even then you will still drop a few
  8. The Bill you are referring to is Senate Bill S2462B. It passed the Senate unanimously and passed the Assembly with only one opponent Assemblyman Katz. It did indeed make it to the Governor's desk on August 5th but has not yet been signed. The Governor has 30 days to sign the bill. I hope this information helps. Thank you for taking the time to write to me. Your voice and opinion have great value and make it possible for me to represent you accurately. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further concerns or questions. Sincerely, Steve Hawley Member of Assembly 139th A.D. I just got this email from Assemblyman Steve Hawley
  9. any boat I see on the water I assume that they are running dipsies and at least leadcore so I always swing wide of any boat and kind of expect the same but as you know some people could care less
  10. this was forwarded to me by a friend who was sitting in the er,just a reminder to be careful.At least his hooks are sharp!
  11. I think most of us have the extra tackle to use so I don't think there will be a lot of extra taxes made.But I would bet that there will be a new stamp needed for the extra rod
  12. Guess this is just payback for treating them like the backwards country that they are.I had to go and testify in a court years ago and they still wear those crazy powdered wigs in court.I was asked to talk slower because of my accent.I don't know what accent they were talking about must be I didn't use words like oot and aboot eh?
  13. I fished a couple proams back in the early 90s at that time you could not communicate during the fishing.I don't know when or why that changed, over the last couple years I started to follow the proams on the websites and couldn't believe that you could call other boats for info.So here is another proposal to even things out EVERY fish caught ,weight ,species ,and LOCATION be broadcast over the radio. See how many boats you can bunch up in a 1/2 acre of lake. Just thought I'd lighten the mood a bit.
  14. There are some people you can't give any kind of authoritative power,it goes to their head, either it's the two dumbo agents or some idiot above them.Someone has a hardon that they envy us and just want to mess with us.I hope in the long run it costs them their jobs.
  15. The way I understood this was that this was going to be on the open lake and not pier fishing,I don't know if I'm wrong or it was changed to include pier fishing.I fish alone a lot usually drop a lure down and run a leadcore.There are a few times I wouldn't mind being able to put a dipsy out also.Some times 2 lines are too many,I have doubled up a few times and that makes things very interesting
  16. if any team out of the oak is going to come down and fish this I would be willing to be an observer if you need one
  17. I wonder if all in favor of lowering the grand prize and giving more for the rest would think the same if they were to catch the winning fish the following year? I say leave it the same and hope to place higher. That's what so great about this lake, you never know what you have till it hits the net.Any day I'm out there I always think that there is nowhere else I'd rather be
  18. Name: Jeff Houseknecht Location:Batavia Home Port:Oak Orchard Boat Name/Type:Blind Squirrel I fish for: Salmon, Steelhead ================== (your welcome message to LOU - anything else you want to say to the community goes here).
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