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  1. new interstate batteries 1 is a cranking battery model 24m-xhd 800 cca 1000 mca 2nd is a deep cycle model srm-27 600 cca 750 mca used to start boat 1 time paid $250 asking $200 obo
  2. Outdrive shot selling trailer and boat for motor 4.3 6 cyl 596 hrs asking $1800/bo no fishing equipment included will sell boat without trailer.trailer is 1988 shorelander new tires 2014
  3. As for the bat in the house,I have used a tennis racket with great success. Or if you don't have a ceiling fan, just let him stay, the breeze as he flies over you is refreshing.
  4. Does killing a rat in your parents front yard with a chain binder qualify as redneck?
  5. Since when did fishermen become reliable sources? You know the old saying "all fishermen are liars" You should have seen the size of this waterspout it was this big,honest! or the one that got away, I had the waterspout right up to the side of the boat and it got away!
  6. pen raised fish,wonder whose baby it is
  7. just read your msg a little closer thought you were talking about launch on north end,I will have to check out launch you highlighted,thanks
  8. Thanks for the info,i'll grab some nightcrawlers and give it a shot when I take him home.I looked at the map with the highlighted areas,is that a private launch that you show?I have a small 16 footer with a 25hp that I can bring up in the future,but want to start on shore with him first
  9. Irondequoit side,but wondering if there is anything on the south end also
  10. Where is a good spot in the I-bay area to take my 4 year old grandson shore fishing for sunnies and blue gills?I am not from the area so I am looking for a spot to keep him busy
  11. I've heard of a few walleye being caught in the oak,but are there enough in the area to actually target them?
  12. When I was looking to buy a boat I had planned on going in with a friend.When I was looking at the boat I wound up buying,I told the seller what I was planning.He said "if you can afford to do it alone that is the way to go".Best advice I have ever taken.
  13. As Larry the cable guy says "I don't care who you are that's funny"
  14. I didn't start accepting any money from anyone until last year,many have offered before that but I felt that they were a guest.I do have one person that I take out that the only thing he needs to bring is some of his wife's chicken salad sandwiches
  15. I like the pic from 1955,lures look like what is run today,and instead of down the chute that was the whiskey line
  16. Just baffled by the whole thing,I mean an am tourney scrapped and am competitor forced to fish in the pro division at what? About three times what it cost to fish before? If a weekend warrior is put in the position that they need a sponsor to fish a tourney,then it is no longer a fun deal.After paying for my dock,gas and any boat repairs that may come up there ain't a whole lot left.I think they are shooting themselves in the foot, pricing this out of reach for the little guys.
  17. Maybe this format will make this a no comm event,I mean now that an am can get the$ a pro is fishing for I doubt he will give any inside info and visa-versa you know a pro is not going to put you on any fish that might push your box better than theirs
  18. And let's not forget the cookies I will stop by to get a couple boxes of cookies
  19. I have a very old nothing fancy phone through verizon, I do have radar feature on it to keep track out on the lake.Last year I was 12 miles out of the oak and had to call the sheriff for a tow.The first few years on the lake I had a weak signal and it wanted to go to roaming, but that is not the case any more,signal has been good last few years.
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