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  1. CH 68 out of mexico point....... either 68 or 19 out of henderson
  2. i use church and off shore... prefer the off shore
  3. name: todd warner boat name:bottom-feeder ( not on the boat) make: blue fin sportsman 1900 ( dark blue canvas) port: trailer between oswego and henderson years: rec only 6 radio: CH 68 will share any info i can
  4. welcome aboard....... good luck on the water
  5. welcome aboard.....i fish up that way some.give me a holler on CH 68
  6. good start to the year......... thanks for thr report........ heard the shore fishing been good off the pier at selkirk also
  7. 1 anchor ( make offer) 2 large docking bouys $40.00 eagle fish mark 320 w/speed and temp $80.00 4 attwood pro-series rod holders $30.00 155'000 btu multi-fuel salamander $200.00 edco 10" brick and tile saw wet or dry cut $600.00 all items sale or trade........ pics available on reguest
  8. last year i used the spray on CAMP-DRY on my bimini seemed to work well......... should be able to get it at any camping supply place
  9. welcome aboard bill..... lots of great guys and info here
  10. got 2 low profile swivels also have bases and rod holders if interested
  11. was out of mexico pt last saturday.. no problems....... did well up the shore towards the power plant... dreamweaver ( monkey puke ) spoons 92 feet straight back and also 50 feet behing inline boards with 100 feet to the board
  12. i use cannon mag 10's with swivel bases and extendable booms... never used any others so cant really compare for ya
  13. we got out saturday afternoon the 21st did 5 browns in about 3 hrs.....GREAT start
  14. hey y'all just a quick hi to everyone have been here to veiw the forum many times but never registered before i have a blue-fin 1900 fish mostly out of mexico point launch mainly weekends or rain days from work on channel 68 usually give me a holler sometime
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