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  1. Muskiedreams !!! where can we find the photos on facebook? I want to see that 43" fatty !
  2. Everything still a go for tomorrow ? Looking like one miserable day..wind/temp/rain chance....wear the long undies !!!
  3. I was there last June and the bass fishing was incredible ! Pike i only saw 1 in the 4 days we were there. Not a single ski.......i know they are in there but few and far between. Prolly pick up a dozen pike and 4 dozen bowfin for every ski you might see...lol...LOTS of bowfin in there. Target greens in the grass and smallies on the points and youll have a blast.
  4. Wow what a great day !!! I assume the docks are in at I-bay by seabreeze? Hoping to get out this weekend coming up but the wind forcast isnt looking favorable on the Big O
  5. Looking like a windy day on sat !!! any thoughts of having the tourn on sunday ??? i know my buddy and i were planning on doing some ski fishing anyways that day......be fun to enter the tourny !
  6. aprox 100 hrs. Excellent condition and very well taken care of. 585-317-2597 Tony 10,900 or B/O boat is also listed on craigslist with some more information Thank you
  7. Ive always had goodluck on J-13 jointed rapalas ....always in the north end 12-16 feet of water
  8. very nice man !!!! fished out of irond bay towards webster and back for 3 hrs or so...1 steelhead...guess well have to try down in front of sandy
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