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  1. The motors are year 2000 4 stroke evinrudes. Sorry original post said 2006. Some pics added.
  2. 1986 Boat 23 ft ? with twin 2000 evinrudes 50 hp. 4 STROKE 4 cannon downriggers fish hawk lowrance fish finder gps power winch on Yacht club trailer Estate sale. Call Bob for details 585-802-1996 $5,500 package deal
  3. Are they keeping levels low on purpose ? The ice is gone on Braddocks bay / salmon creek and the water is still the same as November levels. It doesn't seem like a normal spring run off.
  4. Fish this morning 6:30 till 10 am. Very cold water still inside 50 feet, foggy. Headed out to 230 ft. Had 55 deg water 50 feet down. 26 pound king on a dipsey with green glow nk 28. 130 feet out #3 setting. Lots of steelhead and skipper kings too. Best day i had this year. Fleas are heavy out there now also.
  5. They are not there like they used to be. The big rocks in front of braddocks get fished hard. Gobies changed things, we used to catch them trolling small crank baits. Big tube jigs seem to work better now. You will catch a 20 incher every once in a while then thats it. No small ones is a bad sign. If you use bait, use a drop shot rig keeping your hook 18 inch off bottom.
  6. Fished infront of lighthouse point in 200 ft. Teenage King 82 down on a orange NK, and a 10 pound steelhead 40 down hit a white green spin doctor with a purple fly. The steelhead had a beat up tail from this spring still, but jumped good. There was a surface temp break i worked 48.6 to 45.4 deg F.
  7. The boat is a key west center console from North Carolina, my friend the owner of the boat is a welder so the aluminum tubing and penn fishing reels made a good planer board system. The reels are attached with stainless hose clamps around the stainless tube. He put countersunk rod holders on the bow and the angle is perfect. The penn reels are spooled with 100lb test mono for the boards.
  8. Fished at 6 am in 20 ft of water off the planer boards came 1 football brown trout, 1 rainbow 6lbs and a 16" atlantic salmon. Moved out to 70 ft and found the Lakers. We were not in the derby Had a few of these at the Black North to help our pain
  9. 10 am till 12:30 pm Got out late no fish in close, fished out to 90 ft. Marked fish from 65 ft to 80 ft of water 30 feet down had the most marks. No takers.
  10. I think L&M is right. It is the beginning of the end. You can adjust it for a while but a new one is on the horizon. Not the end of the world just normal wear and tear. While your having it replaced look closely at your bellows they will be next
  11. Use this style stainless washer on the outside of your boat and a tapered phillips head screw with a washer and locking nut. Use marine tex or the 3m below water line sealant gooped up between your washer and the inside nut.
  12. Kwatchi look at your gas tank hose line and inside your gas tank. The new blend of gasoline tends to break down the rubber hoses and plastic fittings on certain gas tanks. We had three plastic gas tanks with flakes in them that eventually plugged up the carbs on our outboards. The pick up tube on the gas tanks just fell apart. A product called Sea Foam will help keep your carbs and fuel system in good working order after you clean them. It is a liguid you pour in your gas. I use it in a 115 hp outboard i troll with and it has made a big difference. About every fourth tank of gas i use it.
  13. BP If you dont want to drill more holes use 3M marine adhesive fast cure 5200 to help secure/stick the mounting plate. It is a very good product to seal up old screw holes too. Sold at marine stores and i think Wallmart.
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