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  1. trolled alot there but never had flea problems.
  2. orange and perch colored spoons like stinger scorpion in highway huckleberry and sunkist are good bets. try a small jointed rapala off a planer board for salmon and rainbows in the shallows-early morning and first few hours of daylight are best.
  3. Greetings to all! Like many of you I am suffering from spring fever since winter never seemed to arrive this year. I have not caught a fish since October. Can anyone give me the status on Cayuga or seneca Launches that are now open? I usually launch on the east side of Cayuga(myers point or Long Point) but any launch that will let me launch my 21 foot starcraft would be fine. Thanks for your help. Dave
  4. I have owned them all but have been happiest with Lowrance. I now have the HDS 7 and it works like a charm. Good luck. Dave
  5. I have been doing well using stickbaits with planer boards. I would buy a couple of in line planers to get the lures away from the boat and give you a better trolling spread. These planers are easy to use. Hope that helps.
  6. Thanks Jason. I always look for your Seneca reports and learn a ton of stuff from you. You are the man! I like to go warm places in the winter and fish because I am a big pussy. I Caught some nice fishi in Costa Rica this winter. Have a great day Jason and please KEEP posting. Dave
  7. Launched from Treman park at 7 am with my brother Spanky and pal Aron. The launch had some skim ice but otherwise was clear. During our run down to Taughananack we noticed some floating debris but nothing major like a picnic table or someones outhouse(saw those last year). When we got to the point we set up the otter boats trolling small sticks and started to catch some nice salmon and one big brown trout. We just kept trolling across the point and 1/4 mile on either side in 30-60 feet of water. Our speed was 2.3 to 2.5 mph and the hot colors were chartreuse and black/silver. Most of the salmon were between 20-24 inches long. We lost count how many hook up but I would say at least 18. Only two of the fish were small. We kept enough for dinner and through the rest back. I let spanky drive for a while and he drove too close to shore.(about 150 feet) The board came within casting distance of some hacker on shore who started yelling and cussing at us. He then purposefully cast across our lines in an attempt to steal our lures. He got one rattlin rogue which is a small price to pay for a great day fishing. We also had pretty good action off my one working downrigger. Hot spoons were orange and silver mooslook and silver stingers. I wonder if the fishing was good due to the "Super Moon". Ps warmest water I could find was 37 degrres. There was some floating debris but a lot less than i have seen in past years.
  8. We catch a lot of birds while casting into Blitzes off montauk. We real them in and put a towel over their head which immobilizes them. Then we unwrap them.
  9. I have a twenty foot Startcraft fishmaster and launched at the Mexico Point boat launch with no problem. The do not have the floating docks in yet but the steel docks on either side are fine. I have launched there 4 times this year and have not come across any obstructions or large floating debris. Good luck!
  10. I had the Cannon and I hated it, ended up buying the Fishhawk which is a lot better.
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