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  1. went five for five this morning with my experienced crew of Joe, Roger, and Kyle. We found the fish a little deeper today in 24 feet of water half way between the nuke plant and the Mexico point launch. Hot colors were orange spoons and firetiger rattling rogues. Most fish came off the planer boards with one fish off the downrigger. Speed was 2.4 to 2.6 mph. And everyone contributed gas money to help defray my expense. That was awesome had to throw one cheap bastard to the curb but new crew is awesome. Everything on the boat ran great and the floating debris on the Big O have decreased greatly. Good luck everyone.
  2. the docks are stacked near the ramp but there is enough rooms to pull your truck and boat through, the main dock is in so you should be all set.
  3. I think you should be all set now. I launched at MYers last two weekends a saw very little ice.
  4. Baytech 05 I looked today at 4 pm and saw absolutely no ice at Wright's Landing or in the Lake. It all seemed to disappear. Marine forecast looks good for Friday and Saturday waves 1 ft or less, wind out of the south so you don't have to worry about ice blowing in on you. Also, great looking mud line extending out into the lake about a half mile. I think it would be worth the drive up. Good Luck, Dave
  5. great lakes luremaker sounds great I need more guys to fish in particular in the salt my email is [email protected] Anyone looking to partner up sweet or saltwater feel free dropping me an email. Dave
  6. another good place this time of year is milliken station where there is a warm water discharge
  7. Hey Justin, I have been reading your posts for a long time and would be honored to get you out on my boat some weekend. We fish a lot of the same waters. I have a 21 ft starcraft fishmaster which is the biggest aluminum boat that starcraft makes and I have all the gear necessary to troll for trout, salmon, walleye, etc. My boat is also sea worthy and I put it in the ocean on a regular basis for the big fish off Cape Cod, Long Island, Nj, etc. Ps Glad you found you wallet.
  8. Oops make that a rainbow and a laker. I am hitting Cayuga tomorrow and will hopefully post some pictures of fish that are as nice as yours!! Well done. I will be looking for people later in the Spring summer and fall to fish the ocean for spring run stripers(live eels and bunker) and fall blitzes off montauk. I go every year but finding people who are willing to pay their fair share of the expenses is tough. I have some folks who say that chipping in for gas etc for my boat is an "unexpected expense".
  9. those are some nice fish. Rainbows? Which body of water?
  10. I am amazed that no one took you up on your offer to go fishing. A 21 foot Grady is awesome to fish out of. Let me know if this problem persists. I also have a 21 foot boat but it is a Starcraft Fishmaster. I fish mainly Ontario, Cayuga, and sometimes the ocean for stripers and blues. That saltwater can be tough on an aluminum boat but I love the big fish. Take care and have a safe season. Dave
  11. My auto pilot is my 30 year old nephew. When he is not working well I just give him a red bull. Good luck this spring and watch out for the floating trees-they are plentiful.
  12. Cayuga is good to go!!! Lsst weekend I launched at Myers Point and had no issues. Went over to Tfalls and caught one salmon with a lot of knockoffs. Otisco, Owasco, and Skaneateles are all frozen. They probably will not be good for a few weeks. Water temp on caguyga was 35 degrees. Happy opening day of trout season!!! Dave
  13. Hey Justin are you guiding yet?
  14. my buddy ridge runner has been doing well off the nuke tower. he has been fishing 140-300 down 95-looks like it is going to be a great weekend!
  15. I have fished both recently and have done better down by the river. That being said my buddy ridge runner did well off the nuke plant in 300 ft of water on Saturday. Good luck.
  16. yeah that is where ridge runner got his fish in 200 feet. What he didn't tell you was that he was fishing in my boat while I was out of town for work. Hey ridge, did you at least put a couple gallons of gas in my rig? Special thanks to Mike at Mike's marina for fixing my boat in time for the weekend!!! I only gas up at his place now picked up a lot of water in my gas elsewhere and it screwed up my optimax royally> Good luck this weekend guys.\\Dave
  17. Hey guys I live in Syracuse and my truck transmission just blew so I need a slip in the mexico, oswego, or henderson area for my 20 foot starcraft. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Does anyone know of any places that still have availability? Thanks for helping a fellow fisherman. Dave
  18. I am probably going to get a Walker Strike Vision downrigger camera system, I was wondering if anyone has any experience with it and what monitor to use with this color unit. Thanks,
  19. I had something similar with mine happen when they were first installed. I just had to swtich the connections at the battery because they were reversed. Easy fix. Good luck.
  20. Have to take a friend from India out fishing and thought we could target lakers. He has only netted fish so tying him into a few nice lakers would be great. Anyone have any tips out of Oswego?
  21. Keep varying the speed with quick bursts and s turns in order to trigger strikes. Also, think smaller lures since the bait this time of year is smaller. Are you using planer boards?? If not grab a few in-line boards to make your spread more effective. Good Luck!!
  22. Took the boys(my brother Roger and nephews Johnny and Devon) out fishing last Saturday to try our luck with the Browns. Headed West in the dark and set up just as we left the launch at Mexico Point. They don't have the docks in yet but we were still able to manage. The wind was out of the north and the waves seemed about 2-3 feet. We ran 8 lines off the planers and spoons off two of the riggers. Things were slow in the 39 degree water until we hit 42 degrees about and then things got crazy. We wound up going 21 for 28 manily browns in the 3-5 pound class and a couple of lakers. Most of the hits came off the boards. We were in 8-20 feet of water and the hot colors were white and firetiger. Speed was 2-2.5. We pulled it before noon and left them biting. I did hook into one BIG fish that took a firetiger rogue off the planer. It dumped about 100 yards of line before snapping my ten pound test line. Not sure how the new line snapped but the fish definately left us guessing. Big brown? Spring King? Steelie? Whatever it was kicked my ass. I had to go to basspro with my grandaughter on Sunday to restock. Good luck guys they are definately hitting.
  23. I think the first question is where are you located because there are a lot of good ones out there!
  24. I have brought my downriggers to Screwy louies in Fairhaven several times in the past and they do an excellent job. They are the only ones I know of in the area.
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