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  1. Has anyone either mounted or have any ideas on mounting a live scope transducer on a cuddly cabin boat without trolling motor? I’ve looked at most of the options and not to excited about them. Thanks any ideas would help.
  2. tim

    Board releases

    Thanks guys I got a lot of good ideas to try in May for Walleyes. You can always count on Lake Ontario United to come up with good ideas. Thanks again Tim
  3. tim

    Board releases

    I’ve tried different pad releases can’t find one light enough for small walleyes. I’ll try metal dog snap, and leaving the rubber bands in the sun. Any other ideas feel free let me know. Thanks
  4. tim

    Board releases

    Looking for a different planner board release. Tried Amish outfitters and a bunch of no names . Can’t find one with a light release. Any suggestions. Thanks Tim
  5. Looking to put a new graph with Minn Kota Ultrex with I pilot link on my Islander. Mainly for jigging for Walleye and perch and following contours of a sunken river in a reservoir near me.Doesn’t have to be Minn Kota any recommendations? Or if you have that setup how do you like it? Thanks Tim
  6. Never been there do you know where and what time it starts? Thanks.
  7. Fantastic, just got back from the Harrisburg show they had nothing that can compare with your stuff. My son and I’ll be there. Thanks, tim
  8. Anyone know if there is flea market in Watkins Glen this year? I saw it somewhere can’t find it. Thanks Tim
  9. Went through once, that’s enough.
  10. Long way to go for a deal on a boat how about some feelings from other members. My son wants to go look at it
  11. One more and I’ll quit ****ing! While camping at a local campsite with my wife we were lucky enough to get the campsite right directly across the boat launch. Some of the things you see these people do it was totally amazing And frightening. Also where we were was right at the 5 mile an hour speed limit and no wake zone bouy. We watched people coming in from the lake , out of seven days at the campsite I saw three people that actually obeyed the bouy out of probably 50 or 60 boats One guy actually came in with a tri-Toon pulling a kid on a tube at planning speed right past the 5 mile an hour speed limit. Like my son says you can’t fix stupid.
  12. One thing that scares me is diving your 30 feet underwater and somebody comes up right over the top of you and when you come up to ask them what’s going on they say oh I just was curious what the flag was.
  13. What’s going on with boaters out on the lake? Out on Cayuga today probably 5 other boats out here an 2 of them run wide open within 25-30’ of us while we’re trolling. Not just that but it seems like people are losing consideration for others. Maybe because I’m older or is it just me?
  14. Thanks haven’t been on Cayuga in 2 years thought I’d give it a try.
  15. Fishing with my son and grandkids tomorrow any reports on Cayuga. Fishing out of Long point thanks tim
  16. Anybody been out on Cayuga lately? Taking my son and my grandkids to Cayuga 8-23 wondering if I can get any reports? Going out of Long point.
  17. Didn’t know where to post this so it seem like a decent spot. Just got back from a trip to Punta Cana with the kids and the grandkids. Went fishing on a boat called gone fishing he has five or seven boats that go out. Never saw a mate work so hard and I fished everywhere all around the states. We weren’t out 15 minutes and had three mahi-mahi on different lines. The day continued with more Quite a few more Mahi lost count on barracuda a nice white marlin brought to the boat after It got done tail walking for 20 minutes. And had a huge blue marlin on for about 10 minutes before we lost it. Huge blue marlin raised up towards the back of the boat and hit one of the rods so hard it shattered 1000 pounds swivel. Can’t recommend these guys enough if you ever go to Dominican republic Punta Cana look up gone fishing. My son and I had a fantastic time.
  18. I have 2 , 2 1/2 horse outboard for sale or trade. 2 1/2 horse Evinrude 2 1/2 horse Johnson from the mid-50s and 1, 35 horse from the mid-50s. Anyone interested?
  19. four of us fish the Kenai river in Alaska a couple of summers ago. Three guys caught kings I was the only one didn’t catch a fish. Packed a banana in my lunch bag by mistake.
  20. The last boat I had had a mast on the front but it was threaded so you could add extensions and raise it up
  21. I made a set out of pvc that fit over two of the rod holders on the arch on my Islander and turn outward with pulleys on the ends. I’ll try to get time and put them on and get a pic if you want
  22. I did the dowels sealant and paint, worked great.
  23. My daughter got me a suit for Christmas 30 foot long self-adhesive backing programmable for probably 20 different colors works fantastic
  24. I don’t know if the app has changed or if I have problems with the app. If I look at anything on the forum way down the list when I’m finished reading that and want to go to the next one it automatically takes me back to the beginning. And I have to start all over searching again. Is this normal or do I have a problem with the app? I tried deleting the app and reinstalling it does the same thing.
  25. I talked to a guy once who had an islander. He bought the water bag that they use in wakeboard boats. He could pump 200 gallons of water into the front bag To hold the nose of the boat down and regulate the amount of water in the bag as needed.
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