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  1. I was thinking of buying a different boat and i found a 1987 marathon 22 foot with a 165 mercruiser . I really want to upgrade but don't have lots of extra cash laying around with the current economic conditions. This boat is for sale for 4500$ and looks to be in good shape and also comes with 4 downriggers. So i was wondering if anyone has any knowledge of marathon boats and if this is a decent boat before i make an offer? I appreciate any opinions on this boat. Thanks.
  2. check the wires that are solder on the battery connection inside the probe, one may have broken off. i had that happen once and did the exact same thing your talking about or your transducer may not be angled the right way and you may have to much blow back for it to read. You may want to try to drop the rigger down while not under power and see if reads. Hope this helps.
  3. i would be happy to do it if you have not found anyone yet.
  4. Sounds like a bad battery. I had a similar problem last year. My battery was one year old and i only fish weekends mostly providing good weather so there really was not a lot of use on the battery. Started my boat at the dock and all seemed fine, shut off the main engine and switched over to my kicker. When it was time to head in turned the key to start the main engine and just a bunch of clicks. Lucky for me the kicker motor got me back to the dock. I looked all over my boat for some kind of short and could not find a thing, put the battery back on charge and it charged right back up. I headed out on the lake and the same exact thing happened again. I could not believe that my battery could be bad after just one year use but i decided to head down to the local auto parts store to have it tested and sure enough the battery had a bad cell. New battery and problem fixed, of course now i always carry a spare battery just in case. Only takes a couple of minutes to pull a battery and have it tested, i would start there before going crazy looking for something that may not be broken.
  5. I have had some of the same things happen to me. I fish out of a 19 foot spectrum and on many occasions i have bigger boats cut me off. I usually look the other way and try to just circle around to get back on track, if you get mad every time you will wind up fighting more than fishing. It seems funny how small a lake can get. I only have been extremely upset twice and that was because i had a couple of boats cross directly behind my boat and catch my dipsy with their riggers. Fun chase that was to get everything back not mentioning costing me some wire. Typically though i do not have many problems as i try to fish outside the packs of boats. I do not believe most people out there cut anyone off on purpose, we are all out there to have a good time and on occasions things happen. Just part of fishing i guess.
  6. Nice job Paul. Looks like the new boat is working well for you. You have to find a cell phone that gets better reception.
  7. Last name Rockwood, nickname rocky. Jrock on myfish and rocky on ice shanty.
  8. Here a snagger there a snagger everywhere a snagger. Welcome aboard, one more site to keep you busy.
  9. Sounds like a good time. How were the temps out there?
  10. Fished today and went 4 for 7 with 3 kings and one steelhead. Fish were in 120 to 170fow with 140 to 150 being the best. Also marked good bait in 140 to 150. Fish were down 45 to 65.
  11. Hi guys and gals, rocky here. New to the site but have been fishing on lake ontario for the last five years out of oswego and mexico bay with increasing results as i learn from my mistakes. I fish out of a 19foot spectrum right now but looking to upgrade soon as the right deal comes along. I heard about the site from my buddy Paul (fishnutz) and figured i had to check it out. Hope i can learn from you experienced people as well as share anything i can to help out anyone else. I know first hand how frustrating things can be out on the lake.
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