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  1. I was riding in the same boat with beef300. A couple of things he didn't mention was, when he first started to overtake us, he was a reasonable distance away. Then when we were about side by side, he starts moving over our way (we were keeping a straight course). He moved over to the point where our planer boards were merely feet apart. He was waving at us motioning us to move over. I waved back indication for him to move away from our board. We were fishing the green water just outside the brown water, where we had some luck earlier. We maintained our course. He finally put his boat in neutral and after we pulled away, he resumed and passed us hollering something, but could not hear what. We were far from shore, so it wasn't like we were forcing him to put his boards on shore by no means. I couldn't think of any reason why we were required to move over for him, other than that's where he wanted to troll too, After it was over I said to the guys in the boat "Maybe that was Mr. Ontario and this is his lake"! Can anyone think of any circumstance why we should have yield to him? I don't believe they were fighting a big fish that they were chasing.
  2. Thanks for your input. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. I’ve been considering trying some cowbells in front of spoons and spin n glows and possibly others. What size cowbells do you use for different applications? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Launched out of Taughannock. Trolled North a couple of miles and back a few times in 100 to 300 fow. Picking up several small Atlantics and a few Rainbows along with 3 legal Atlantics. Went straight across to the East side and trolled North and South a few times. Picked up a few more slightly larger fish, but still not legal. Went back to the West side where we picked up more of the same, then we finally picked up a legal Lake Trout. Overall we caught around 30 fish putting just 4 in the box. Every rod in our 6 rod spread caught fish. We ran 2 dipsey rods with spin dr. & fly, 4 rods on 2 Downriggers with a spin dr & fly at the ball and a spoon on the stacker. Mostly greens and blues did the trick, with a couple other colors thrown in the mix. I'd call it a good day.
  5. My Lund has a battery switch. If I forget to turn it off when I'm done with it, my battery will run down in a few days and will not start. However my battery does have other things hooked to it besides the motor. If campwheeler's test shows that something is draining it, installing a battery switch may be a good option.
  6. I'm considering switching to Fluorocarbon leaders for trolling, I've been doing some reading on here and come to the conclusion that Seaguar seems to be the majority's favorite. I went to their webpage and see there are several choices. Which Seaguar line do you like the best to use for leaders when trolling? Thanks for your opinion.
  7. The palomar knot is my favorite knot also. The question I have is how do you tie a leader onto a barrel swivel at the end of your main line using it? You obviously wouldn't make a loop large enough to put over your whole fishing pole. I've always used the improved cinch knot there and then the palomar knot to tie the snap to the end of the leader. But I want to start using floro leaders and I understand the palomar knot is the best for floro. Any suggestions?
  8. Boat is sold. Thanks for looking. [ Post made via iPhone ]
  9. Here are some photos I took this morning. Let me know if you have any questions. As you can see in the photos, I forgot to mention in my description that it has under deck ski storage and side rod storage.
  10. I could take some and post them. Check back soon. [ Post made via iPhone ]
  11. For Sale: 1989 Blue Fin Spectrum 1950 with Escort trailer. 19' aluminum Walk-through Windshield with OMC I/O 128 hp. One Owner. It has a factory bow fishing seat, live well, ice chest, bow cushions, and automatic bilge pump. it has a Minn Kota bow-mounted Auto Pilot electric trolling motor, Hummingbird colored fish finder, Whale tail, Canvas top, bow, and aft covers and clear side curtains. It got a new prop last year, still in excellent condition, plus a spare prop with only minor damage. Spare tire for the trailer. I just installed a new starter. Runs good. It does not use any oil. The interior is a little rough. I have new seats for it that I never got around to install that I will include. I also have homemade planer boards, planner board mast and rod holders, that I'll let go with it if interested. I caught many Browns in the Fair Haven area over the years with this boat using the I/O and all my home made equipment and using only about 1 gallon per hour while trolling stickbaits. I also used this boat for pulling skiers and tubers. It did a good job doing this as well. The price is $2200 OBO. I'm located in Canton, PA. I'd be willing to meet a Serious Inquirer at Seneca or Cayuga Lake (or similar vicinity) for a test ride.
  12. You can see some reports on Facebook without being logged onto LOU. I am only an occaisional Lake O fisherman. I do read and enjoy reading these reports when spring is arriving. It gets me pumped up for my future trips. If I had to pay $20 to read them, I'd do without. I'd miss it, but I'd get by. I'm sure there are many other members in the same category as me. That's my 2 cents worth. [ Post made via iPhone ]
  13. We couldn't make up our mind whether to go to Senaca or Cayuga. We picked Seneca because it was closer and an easier drive. I guess we made the wrong choice. Ya never know. At least all 3 Grandsons got to battle a fish and we landed 2 of them. Plus we got one salmon about the size of a cigar and a LDR. [ Post made via iPhone ]
  14. I just obtained downriggers so I am new to them. I see some people using them in shallow water (10' - 15'). I was wondering how to set them up, distance back, ball depth etc. I've had problems using spoons off of the planner boards in the past, sometimes they come to the surface. I thought running them off of the rigger down a few feet might eliminate this. Thanks for any tips.
  15. We were at Fairhaven this past weekend and we found the late afternoon bite to be better than the morning. We were using stick baits and spoons off of planner boards. Baits with green and orange seemed to work best for us. Good luck!
  16. Can anyone tell me if Jolly Release is still in business? I've been using them for many years and some are going bad. Wanted to buy new rubber pads for them. I searched on line, but did not get a hit for them. Any contact info would be appreciated too. Thanks!
  17. I slide a bolt from the inside of one spool to the other. The bolt hits the mast & stops the spools from turning. I made my homemade reels out of wood. I took a 2x6 and cut it in a 5.5" circle then cut 2 - 12" circles out of plywood. I sandwiched the 2x6 between the 2 pieces of plywood to make a reel. I drilled a hole through the center. I screwed a piece of dowell to the outer edge of the plywood for a crank handle. I made 2 of these. I put threaded rod through my home made mast and put a nut & lock washer each side of the mast. Then put on a flat washer then the reel, another flat washer and a wingnut. When I wound the cord on the spool I did it in a direction that as it unwinds, it tightens the wingnut. This works well. If it tries to pull more line out, it self tightens the wingnut.
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