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  1. what type of daiwa 47 lc ? sealine,great lakes or accudepth ?
  2. still want the penn and the lcs if the deal falls thru ,I have a paypal account and can send you the money
  3. interested in the penn 320 and the daiwa 47 lc reels ,do you still have them ?
  4. what lures and tackle do you have for sale ?
  5. Canon Mag 10's I have 2 Canon mag 10's 2005 for sale ,very good condition,complete with bases ,20" fixed booms with main rodholder ,weight retrievers and clinchers ,ready to fish $225 each.
  6. Congrats , gotta hand it to you guys , we fished fri & sat and only got 1- 18# king , we didn't fish deep enough apparently and didn't have any meat , can't seem to find any . We really appreciate your fishing reports , keep them coming !
  7. are they accudepths or sealines ?
  8. Like new moor subtroll speed and temp downrigger system. Everything in excellant working order. cost $429 at cabelas Call 716-773-7512 for more info
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